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Tory hypocrites pick on the poor

Issue No. 2266

The Tories have seized on the riots as an opportunity to shift the whole political atmosphere in Britain to the right. The establishment’s response is to demonise the unemployed, young people and those who rely on meagre benefits in order to survive.

They tried to move people out of council houses before. Now they use the riots as an excuse to evict some of the most vulnerable.

Tory prime minister David Cameron says that people who steal, who have no sense of “community” and who destroy others’ lives should be locked up.

And the majority of people agree with him that far.

But where most people depart company with Cameron is over the question of who really causes the problems in our lives.

That’s because most people blame the rich and powerful—those who want to make us pay every time they think they might lose a tiny bit of their wealth.

People are being imprisoned for stealing insignificant items from shops with broken windows on their high street.

But those who steal jobs from people to save their profits get to carry on as normal.

The government targets the poor and the dispossessed, not its own wealthy chums.

Cameron has the nerve to talk about benefit thieves, but refuses to clamp down on the bankers who caused the economic crisis.

Cameron’s double standards are obvious.

The phone-hacking scandal has exposed the dodgy links between the government, the media and the police. These same newspapers are putting young people across Britain on trial.

And the same corrupt police force that refused to act against the News of the World and the Murdoch empire is breaking down our front doors.

Andy Coulson sums it all up. After resigning in disgrace from News of the World, he went to work for Cameron—first in opposition then in government.

But he was still paid several hundred thousand pounds by the scandal ridden newspaper at the same time.

Now, who’s dishonest and immoral?

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Tue 23 Aug 2011, 17:58 BST
Issue No. 2266
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