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US hit by its former ally

Issue No. 2268

  • The US was in shock on 11 September 2001 as two hijacked planes were flown into the iconic twin skyscrapers of the World Trade Centre, demolishing it.
  • A third plane was used to target the Pentagon, and another crashed in a field.
  • The mastermind of the attack was the US’s old ally Osama Bin Laden—who the Americans had funded and trained to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.
  • Days later, the US attacked Afghanistan. And in 2003, it again used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq.

Blaming the right people

As the second plane hit in New York, Socialist Worker in London was just hours away from its print deadline.

Yet the front page article still places the blame for the attacks squarely where it belongs.

“The tragic scenes in New York and Washington are the bitter fruits of policies pursued by the US state,” it says.

“US president George Bush spoke of terrorist outrages on Tuesday. Yet the state he heads has been responsible for burying men, women and children under piles of rubble.”

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