Socialist Worker

Role of Revolutionary Socialists

by Sameh Naguib
Issue No. 2279

The Revolutionary Socialists are one of the key radical organisations working on the ground in Egypt. We are particularly active in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and Monsura.

We put forward political slogans about the nature of the military regime, and about how workers can take the revolution forward.

We have grown enough to start being more effective. As an organisation we are playing a much more visible role now that we did in January. This is especially so in Cairo and Alexandria.

Most of the other political forces are confused and don’t want to go all the way against the generals. But because of our stance we are recruiting people on the demos.

In Tahrir Square we have people coming up to us and saying, “We know you. You have opposed the military council from the start. We want to be with you.”

We have our paper every week. We are have it here in the square even in the midst of all the clashes. Our young comrades are amazing. They are at the front line of all these battles.

Our voice is bigger than our size, but we are growing rapidly. People see us as the most consistent revolutionaries.

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