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Solidarity greetings to strikers from Britain and internationally

The 30 November strike has widespread support among the general public in Britain—and it's attracting international solidarity too

Issue No. 2280

Kama Abu Aita, president, Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions

“Greetings from Tahrir Square. Egyptian workers and the independent unions here are in the midst of the battle against military rule. We stand with you in your struggle just as we do with workers all over the world who are fighting back against brutal capitalist globalisation.”

Beatrice Johnstone, pensioner, Corby

“I think that crowd in the government haven’t got a clue. They’re all Etonians. They don’t know how real people live. It makes me angry to see how they carry on—cutting everything without a thought. We have to fight for everything we’ve got.

“I’ve had £100 cut from my winter fuel allowance. My sisters and friends have had theirs cut too. Maybe next year we won’t get it at all. That money helps.

“Of course there are some people who don’t need it—Lord Sugar for example. If the government stopped thinking about people like him all the time there’d be plenty of money for everyone else.”

Rosa Cañadell, Ustec teaching union, Catalonia

“I send my full support to the public sector strikes on 30 November. Here in Spain teachers, nurses, doctors and students have held recent strikes and occupations against savage assaults on public services. Our fight is international and for our children’s futures.”

Cindy Hattersley, parent of two, Rotherham

“I agree with the strikes. People work enough hours to make a living and they put some of their hard-earned money into their pensions for when they retire. Why should they lose out? Why should people have to work longer and get less money when the cost of living is going up?

“I know it’s a bit of a pain that schools will be closed, but the strikers need to know we support them. Maybe the government will start to listen if people go on strike.”

Mary Clinton, Occupy Wall Street participant and UAW union organiser, New York

“I send solidarity from the US to fellow workers, students and occupiers participating in the general strike in Britain on 30 November and beyond in the broader social struggle. When we join together to shut our cities down, we must also awaken our imagination towards creating a democratic and egalitarian society.”

Kathleen Sherry, bar worker and Unite union member, Glasgow

“I support the strikes. The cuts are affecting everyone, and so will the changes in pensions. So we all need to support the people who are taking action. These strikes are an inspiration to workers in the private sector. It shows people that it is possible to stand up and fight.”

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