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Tories fear us getting a taste for our strength

Issue No. 2281

The 30 November strike showcased the power of the working class. Whatever the Tories might claim in public, they know that this action rocked the government like no other.

Some politicians have tried to play down the significance of the action by dismissing it as a mere “day of protest”. But it was more than a protest—it was a strike on a scale not seen for generations.

Strikes are the most powerful weapon that workers possess. They express and lay bare our collective strength.

On Wednesday it didn’t matter if you were a teacher or a cook, if you were in one union or another—everyone was on the same side.

Most workers on strike on Wednesday will never have seen action on this scale before. And their experience of struggle will embolden them to take further action.

When millions of people go on strike it shows just how critical their work is to the system’s functioning.

Without our labour society grinds to a halt. In contrast, when politicians and bosses don’t go to work, hardly anyone notices.


The Tories and the bosses are terrified of us getting a taste for this collective power. They will go to any lengths to stop us taking action, including using the law to make it even harder to strike.

But 30 November has been a historic day that has created a different mood in the working class. Now we can and must escalate the action and keep up the momentum of our resistance.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. The Tories want to smash everything that workers have fought for over many decades.

And this isn’t confined to Britain. All over Europe and the rest of the world, workers face the same attacks and are taking up the fight.

Today we face a choice. We can either bend down to accept cuts and poverty, or we can resist.

And if we take the latter course we can do far more than stop the Tories. We can challenge and transform the very system itself.

Capitalism has shown it cannot deliver even the most basic needs of ordinary people. That’s why the Socialist Workers Party argues that we should unite all the struggles.

We can and should fight for a socialist society—one that is organised around providing for human need, not the blind pursuit of profit. Join us—there’s a whole world to win.

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