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Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt statement about assault on Cabinet Office occupation

Issue No. 2283

Down with the rule of the military criminals!

The military junta, who are the sons of Mubarak in power, have added a new crime to their list of offences.

The armed forces, members of Military Investigations and gangs of government-backed thugs have attacked the peaceful sit-in in the street outside the Cabinet Offices.

After fabricating an argument with Abboudi, one of the young ultras [football fans] who was playing football, they harassed him, subjected him to electric shocks and abuse, and then refused to release him for more than an hour.

This turned out to be merely a pretext for a pre-prepared attack to disperse the sit-in by force and burn the protesters’ tents. The old lies are being circulated that the local residents are offended by the protesters, even though the street where the sit-in is located does not block the traffic, and the area itself is a district of government buildings, ministries and embassies and not a residential area.

Thugs and soldiers in civilian clothes took over government buildings which are now effectively under military occupation, including the parliament building itself, in order to throw stones and glass at the protesters and activists who joined them in Qasr al-Aini street to express their anger at the attack on the sit-in.

Dozens of demonstrators have fallen to baton charges, water cannons, rubber bullet rounds and live ammunition.

This is what military rule means: using the dirtiest means to suppress the revolutionaries.

This is the military council that claims to have achieved democracy through agreement with the political parties which had previously doubted it, but traded the blood of the revolutionaries for seats in a parliament which has been occupied and set on fire by thugs and the army.

This is prime minister Kamal Ganzouri’s government. He spent his life serving his old master, Mubarak, and wants to enter the Cabinet Offices over the blood of revolutionaries.

Mubarak’s military council must be put on trial
Shame on the Egyptian army
Shame on those who remain silent and complicit
The military council is leading the counter-revolution … but the revolution continues.

Revolutionary Socialists
16 December 2011

Join the demonstration in London today (Saturday 17 December 2011)

4pm , Egyptian Embassy, South St, London W1K 1DW

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