Socialist Worker

What's wrong with academies?

Issue No. 2287

    Academies transfer huge amounts of wealth from the public to private sector

  • They allow school buildings and land to be handed to private businesses—while the state continues to fund the schools
  • Schools that become academies can keep any surplus school funds
  • The Department for Education says academies aren’t allowed to operate with a deficit. In 2010 it spent nearly £7 billion bailing them out
  • The government can transfer any land that has been used for a school within the previous eight years to an academy or free school
  • The government’s own figures show that academies get more cash than state-run schools. It estimates the difference to be up to £500 more per pupil
  • Academies expel and exclude more students than state-run schools—filtering out those who might pull the results down
  • Ofsted has rated a number of academies as failing. Just last week it found the Sir Robert Woodward Academy to be “weak” and “inadequate”

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