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Exclusive: Egyptian Ultra speaks out

Issue No. 2289

Mostafa Fouly

Mostafa Fouly

Mostafa Fouly is one of the Ultras fans who support Cairo’s Zamalek football team and a Revolutionary Socialist. He spoke to Socialist Worker

“All witnesses to the stadium massacre in Port Said say that police acted as accomplices to the thugs who killed the Al-Ahly Ultras.

As soon as they heard about the massacre all Cairo’s Ultras groups went to the main station with banners in solidarity with Al-Ahly.

We awaited the return of the injured and the rest of the Al-Ahly fans.

We chanted for hours against the military government of Field Marshal Tantawi and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (Scaf).

The next day huge numbers of people from revolutionary organisations and different Ultras groups gathered in front of Al-Ahly’s ground and marched to the Ministry of the Interior.

The police fired tear gas and shotgun cartridges at the march.

Days later there are still regular clashes around the Ministry of the Interior building.

More than 2,000 people have been injured and 13 have died in clashes since the massacre.

All teams’ Ultras groups are standing together against police brutality and the Scaf dictatorship. This was not always the case.

But Ultras confronted the police even before the revolution. We had tear gas fired at us many times before most people knew what tear gas was.

Ultras played an important role in beating the police in the big battles on 28 January last year during the 18 days that brought down dictator Hosni Mubarak.

They were in the frontline of the revolution.

Ultras are still marching. They have their own chants against the regime. They use flares to make shows in squares.

Scaf killed the Ultras because they are part of the Egyptian revolution.”

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