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SWP responds to Tory Grayling's farcical smear

Issue No. 2291

A rattled Chris Grayling, beleaguered Tory minister for workfare, accused the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) of hacking his email on Radio Four’s Today programme this morning, Friday.

In response Charlie Kimber, the SWP national secretary, said, “The SWP is proud to be in the forefront of resistance to austerity.

“But we deny absolutely the farcical claim by Chris Graying that we have hacked his email in order to tell employers not to employ slave labour on his workfare schemes.

“The experts in hacking are the Tory-supporting Sun and the rest of the Murdoch empire.

“You don’t have to hack an email to know that the campaign against forcing unemployed people to work for nothing is supported by very large numbers of people, not just the SWP.

“That is why the campaign by Right to Work, alongside others, has scored successes against several major employers. It will continue until the whole scheme is scrapped.

“Grayling now appears to have retreated ignominiously from his lying claim. Once more this government is revealed as a toxic mixture of viciousness and gross incompetence.'

Here is what Grayling said:

Presenter Evan Davies:

“Why do you think all these employers are saying we don’t want to have anything to do with it, they’re saying we don’t want to have people thinking we’re employing slave labour?”

Chris Grayling:

“What’s happened in the last week is we’ve got a lot of companies who are very jumpy, they’re coming under pressure from a big internet campaign that is being run by an organisation that’s a front for the Socialist Workers Party.

“Now, the high street retail sector’s going through a tough time at the moment. If you’re running a company and you’re getting streams of emails attacking you, it’s very unsettling.

“It’s a false campaign. Let me give you an example, my own email address was hacked by this organisation and used to lodge a complaint with Tesco, so I don’t accept that the scale of the campaign is very large.

“It’s a small number of activists who are deliberately targeting these companies and trying to destabilise them.”

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