Socialist Worker

Abortion myths exposed

Issue No. 2295

Anti-choice bigots spread lies to undermine abortion rights. Some claim that women who have abortions suffer trauma and psychological distress as a result. Others say that women who have had abortions are more likely to get breast cancer.

But abortion is made more stressful by those who seek to make women feel guilty about having one. It can’t be compared to the stress of carrying an unwanted foetus and raising an unwanted child.

And there is no medical evidence that abortion increases the risk of cancer.

Bigots say abortion is killing a human being. But a foetus is only a potential human being. Its “rights” can never be put before the rights of a woman.

Without access to legal, safe abortion, working class women are at risk of serious injury and death. Meanwhile rich women are able to access abortion whether it is legal or not.

Our rulers don’t mind this. But they do mind the idea of ordinary people winning more freedom over our lives—that’s what really lies behind the attacks on abortion.

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