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Syria’s two sides are not the same

Issue No. 2298

Even the pope has joined the calls for a ceasefire in Syria. It is being posed as the only solution to violence that the Bashar al-Assad regime has inflicted on ordinary Syrians.

Western powers want to impose what they claim is a solution in Syria. This means the call for an imposition of a ceasefire is a dangerous step.

It is the West that will police such a ceasefire—for its own interests.

That’s why the opposition is being asked to accept a ceasefire as well, as if it is nothing but a mirror image of Assad.

But why should workers and the poor stop their struggle?

The fight of the oppressed for freedom can’t be compared to the fight of the ruling class to maintain its wealth and privilege.

On the one hand is Assad’s massive military machine.

On the other are ordinary men and women defending themselves with any weapons they can get their hands on.

Assad has shown he will stop at nothing to maintain his rule. He knows the stakes are high.

It is a life and death struggle.

Already in Syria thousands have lost their lives in their fight to bring down the regime.

Mass popular revolutions are the ultimate tool of class struggle.

They have the potential to overturn ruling class power.

A revolution is not a negotiating tool.

Why should people who lived for decades under a dictatorship sit round a table and negotiate with the very tyrants they have been trying to bring down?

Such talks give the dictator a chance to make demands on the people trying to topple him.

Instead the people who have made a revolution want rid of the old regime.

They want victory—and they want justice.

Revolutionary justice comes in many forms.

The Russian Tsar was killed with all his family to ensure the end of the ruling dynasty. Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini was hung from a lamppost.

In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak is in prison, facing charges of murdering his own citizens.

The people taking to the streets every day to fight for their freedom should decide on how to forge their own struggle for justice.

The revolutionary process is still unfolding—and the Syrian masses can bring Assad down.

The West has no right to tell the revolutionaries to lay down their arms.

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Tue 10 Apr 2012, 18:20 BST
Issue No. 2298
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