Socialist Worker

Western military intervention would destroy Syria's revolution

by Simon Assaf
Issue No. 2305

Western powers have pounced on the massacre in Houla to once again talk up the idea of foreign intervention in the revolution. As socialists, we remain firm in our opposition to any such intervention.

Already the Western economic boycott is extracting a terrible price from ordinary people. Since the sanctions began last spring, the Assad regime has cut social security payments and slashed fuel and food subsidies.

A military intervention would make the situation worse for all those struggling for change in Syria. Any intervention will be in the interests of Western powers, not the people of Syria.

Many pro-western regional powers, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, want to hijack the revolution as part of a campaign against resistance to imperialism in the area.

They want to strengthen their own interests in the region. They are not interested in furthering the aims of the revolution, and have no interest in its success.

There is no such thing as benign military intervention. A “no-fly zone” would lead to foreign powers controlling the skies. Every time the tactic has been used civilians have been killed.

In Syria, many of of those that will be the target of airstrikes are conscripts who are trapped by the regime. It is clear that there is widespread support for the revolution among these soldiers from poor neighbourhoods.

To attack and kill them can only weaken the cause and the ability of the Syrian struggle to win independently.

Many of those inside the leadership of the revolution understand these dangers and have warned against accepting direct military intervention.

For the revolution to succeed it has to develop in the key cities of Aleppo and Damascus. All the indications are that this is now happening at speed. The future to the success of the revolution lies in these forces, and the continuing appeal for conscript soldiers to mutiny.

The revolution is entering dark days, but it has to look to its own power to deliver victory. Any Western intervention will mark the death of the revolution, and leave Syria powerless in the face of imperialism.

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