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They will make us pay unless we fight back

Issue No. 2307

Everywhere we look the rich show they are all in it together while they make us pay for their crisis.

Across Europe bosses and politicians can find untold billions when they need to look after their own.

Yet they say that there is no money for the welfare state or workers’ pensions.

They are willing to inflict devastation on the lives of workers and the poor if they think it will put their system back in profit.

There is real anger and bitterness against the politicians, the rich and their austerity.

In Britain we have seen that workers are prepared to fight.

There have already been tremendous strikes against the attack on pensions.

Millions of workers have shown the spirit of resistance when they are given a lead.

But the leadership of some of the biggest unions have not been prepared to sustain the fight after the magnificent strike on

30 November.

They have let their members down. There was the chance to call another mass strike this month.

If workers across the public sector had struck on the day doctors take industrial action over their pensions, it would have been be difficult to ignore.

The Tories would have been on the defensive and public opinion would have been with the workers.

But trade unions leaders stalled, rank and file workers did not have the confidence to defy them and an opportunity was missed. There’s a danger that this can send a signal that the battle is over.

But the autumn is already hotting up to be a battleground over austerity.

The scandal-plagued Tories look weak. They fear a united militant struggle involving millions of workers.

Teachers will shortly begin a ballot for a half million strong strike in the autumn.

If they came out other public sector workers would come in behind them.

In the middle of this, there’s the TUC national demonstration against austerity in London on 20 October. Students are set to march in the same month.

This is a chance to bring new forces into the fight against the government and build workers’ confidence to escalate the strikes.

Activists must go all out to win the strike ballots and fight for everyone they work with to come to London to march in October.

Book trains, buses, anything that moves—and get organised. In every town you can hold rallies, cavalcades and leafleting sessions to build for the demo.

Everyone who hates the Tories and wants to stop the attacks can get stuck in.

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Tue 12 Jun 2012, 19:45 BST
Issue No. 2307
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