Socialist Worker

Egyptian military is taking advantage

by Hisham Fouad, Revolutionary Socialists, Egypt
Issue No. 2308

The people excluded the remnants of the old regime from the election and rejected Ahmad Shafiq at the ballot box. This is important because if Shafiq had won the election this would have led to massive demoralisation.

The ruling military council (Scaf) pre-empted the election results by issuing a constitutional declaration putting full legislative power in its own hands.

This means it will control everything, including the Constitutional Drafting Commission and the incoming president.

Scaf is taking advantage of a downturn in the revolutionary struggle. But we believe that the revolutionary retreat will be temporary.

The revolutionary forces must unite to confront the military coup and build in the streets to restore the masses’ faith in the revolution.

Some on the left and among the liberals are calling for a united front against both the military and the Brotherhood. It is a big mistake to take this perspective now. However, we have to deal with the Brotherhood on a case by case basis.

This means that we will protest with them against the constitutional declaration and against the dissolution of parliament.

But if they move back in the direction of compromise with Scaf we won’t stand with them.

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