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Issue No. 2310

Bosses and politicians across the globe are grinding people down through austerity.

The world is plagued by war and famine, and billions of lives are blighted by racism, sexism or homophobia. And all this for a system that is trashing our planet. It can often feel like there is no alternative.

But what if workers ruled the world themselves? What if society could be run in the interest of ordinary people instead of the profits of the few at the top?

This isn’t a utopian idea. We can catch glimpses of the power of workers in the struggles that are breaking out today.

From the two and a half million public sector workers who struck in November, to construction workers who shut down power stations to defend their right to organise, workers have shown the power they hold.

In Greece, nearly 20 general strikes have thrown Europe’s rulers into crisis. Strikes dealt the final blow in the revolutions that threw out dictators who had ruled for decades in Egypt and Tunisia.

History has shown flashes of how workers can go further, running society for themselves. None of these brief instances of workers’ control survived in isolation. But they tell us what is possible.

The Socialist Workers Party brings together people who want to fight back to develop a strategy to win. Inside every struggle, we fight to raise the vision of building a different society altogether.

If you’re sick of the rich always getting their way, join today.

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Tue 3 Jul 2012, 17:54 BST
Issue No. 2310
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