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Secret deal with Bush that will make us all a target

Issue No. 1924

TONY BLAIR has made a secret deal with George Bush to site US missiles in Britain as part of the US’s “Son of Star Wars” programme. The deal was revealed by the Independent on Sunday.

Bush has pledged to spend £5.5 billion a year erecting a missile defence around the US if re-elected.

The British government has given an agreement “in principle” to siting US interceptor missiles at RAF Fylingdales base in Yorkshire.

Kate Hudson, the national chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), explained the dangers behind the Star Wars plans to Socialist Worker.

STAR WARS is part of Bush’s war machine—backed up by Blair.

This national missile defence programme, as it is known, is a revival of Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars programme.

Reagan wanted to put a laser defence shield around the US that could identify and destroy incoming missiles.

Although it is posed as a defensive facility it will allow the US to attack other countries without any threat of retaliation.

This will lead to a new arms race. Other countries will say that if the US can do that and it has a doctrine of pre-emptive attack, then we need to develop new missiles that can get through or around the shield.

The government had already committed Fylingdales to provide radar for the national missile defence programme.

Now it is also saying that interceptor missiles can be put there.

It is increasing the danger because any country that wants to attack the US will see the need to attack Fylingdales, possibly with a nuclear weapon.

This is putting us in the firing line to protect the US. There has been no debate in parliament about this country housing Bush’s war machine.

The US is also talking about conducting a war in space. Already many satellites are used for military surveillance.

But the next development is placing weaponry in space, creating the prospect of a war in space. This is a nightmare scenario.

It is all part of the US’s plan for “full spectrum dominance”, as it was called in a US strategy programme called 20/20 Vision, of air, ground and space.

The US will act with no holds barred, including the use of nuclear weapons. It is pressing forward to dominate the world militarily.

CND has organised protests against Star Wars and is making it one of our top campaign priorities.

A lot of people are making the link between the missiles and George Bush’s war drive.

Many of them have joined CND because of the threat of Star Wars.

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Sat 23 Oct 2004, 00:00 BST
Issue No. 1924
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