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Why we need to get organised

Issue No. 2325

The scale of attack the Tories want to inflict on ordinary people is colossal. If the millionaire Tories get their way they are going to lay waste to the welfare state and slash our living standards.

A recent study predicted that at this rate Britain will have a smaller public sector than any other developed country within the next five years. We have no choice but to fight. Resistance is the only thing this government understands—and fears.

We need more resistance like the magnificent strike of 2.6 million workers on 30 November last year. It won the support of huge numbers sick of austerity who rallied in every town and city across Britain.

This could have been the launchpad for greater action involving workers across all the unions—a general strike.

The bosses are terrified of the prospect of workers in Britain taking up the call for a general strike, like so many workers in Europe. Such action could bring the country to a halt and force the Tories to do a U-turn.

But even this level of resistance on its own is not enough. We could beat the Tories yet still face the same problems. This is because the crisis is not just of the politicians’ making. It is a product of the system—of capitalism.

Capitalism breeds crises, poverty, famine and war. Why? We already produce enough food and materials to ensure no one goes hungry or homeless. But people go without because food, housing and even medicines are produced on the basis of what makes a profit.


A socialist society would be driven by producing what the majority of people need. Is this just a utopian dream? Two years ago millions of people in Tunisia and Egypt thought that getting rid of their tyrant rulers was impossible.

Then revolutions saw ordinary people take to the streets, striking and demonstrating in their millions. They brought down dictators who had ruled over them for decades.

Those revolutions are not over. They are a process that continues as people fight to shape what sort of society will replace the dictatorships. But they show what is possible. What we need is revolutionary change from below.

Here in Britain we are always told that we don’t have such momentous struggles. Instead, we do things gradually, they say.

In fact England had a revolution to bring down a despotic monarchy way back in the 17th century. Today people are struggling across the world against poverty and exploitation. These struggles have the potential to challenge the very system itself.

In the Socialist Workers Party we believe that working class people have power when they organise collectively. We organise solidarity and links between those in struggle. You will see us everywhere with our newspaper, Socialist Worker.

It takes up and challenges the arguments the Tories and bosses use to attack and divide us and reports on struggles against injustice.

We fight against racism wherever it rears its head. We fight for women’s liberation and for LGBT rights. We fight every Tory attack.

We need more socialists in every workplace, in every college and school, in every hospital. Socialists who will refuse to give up the fight when union leaders let us down—who will learn the lessons of past victories and defeats.

The bosses and politicians are organised. If we are going to win we must be too. That’s why we have a party and why we want you to join us.

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Tue 16 Oct 2012, 16:05 BST
Issue No. 2325
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