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Resist Israel's bloody assault

Dr Mona el-Farra speaks out from Gaza

Issue No. 2330

Today I saw a 14 year old boy with serious head injuries from shrapnel—and another kid with his intestines hanging out.

This was my first day back at work for two days. The shelling has been so heavy that I could not leave my flat.

On my way there I could hear the noise of drones, and the smell of smoke and whatever they use as an explosive.

There’s fear in the streets, but people are not panicking and that’s a good sign.

The building shakes as Israeli F-16 jets fly over. And every time they come more civilians are killed or injured.

[At this point Mona was interrupted by a huge explosion very close by. She had to hang up to take her children and the neighbours to relative safety in a back room away from the windows. She heard on the radio that the interior ministry had been hit.]

They’ve been targeting the same place for three days, right next to my apartment. They already destroyed most of it. I have to wonder why they keep attacking it.

This is a densely populated area, so whatever they target is surrounded by civilians.

Health workers are out 24 hours a day supporting people. Last night there was a big bombardment of the police HQ adjacent to our centre.

That caused great damage to the building while we were working in the basement. There were shattered windows, broken doors and ceilings.

The Israelis don’t care about targeting health workers. They have attacked ambulances, and in the time I’ve been practising it’s happened many times before, even before Operation Cast Lead.

But people feel they need to do their duty to their country. Solidarity makes all of us stronger. We know when we are working that we are not alone. That’s also why we appreciate hearing about the solidarity for Palestine from around the world.

Israel tries to portray this as if it’s a war between two equal sides. But the Palestinians who are launching rockets, the resistance, are only trying to defend their country.

As long as there is occupation, there will be resistance. We believe the latest attack is for the coming elections. They want to show they are strong for the Israeli populace.

Dr Mona el-Farra is vice president of Gaza Red Crescent. She spoke to Dave Sewell last Saturday.

The Stop the War Coalition and Palestine Solidarity Campaign have called a national demonstration on Saturday 24 November in central London. Assemble outside Downing Street at 12 noon for a march to the Israeli Embassy. More details at

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