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‘Islamist threat’ is a lie to protect the Tories

Issue No. 2337

David Cameron has made it clear that he wants people to see Muslims as the enemy.

He used speeches on the Algeria hostage crisis last week to launch a new tirade about the threat of Islamists.

And he repeatedly referred to their “poisonous ideology”.

Cameron tried to sell us the lie that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq had been successful.

He argued that this murderous strategy of imperialist intervention needs to be repeated.

“The world needs to come together to deal with this threat in north Africa,” he said.

“It is similar because it is linked to Al Qaida, it wants to destroy our way of life, it believes in killing as many people as it can.”

This, alongside talk of the threat of “terrorist plots against the UK” was all designed to whip up fear, bigotry and war fever.

At the same time the papers were full of the war exploits of prince Harry, who returned from Afghanistan to boast about killing.

That wasn’t a coincidence.

Cameron warned of a conflict “that is about years, even decades, rather than months.”

And in case anyone thought he was only whipping up fear about the danger of Islam internationally, Cameron was explicit.

He said he wanted to tackle this “poisonous thinking at home and abroad”.

He declared that we must “resist the ideologues’ attempt to divide the world into a clash of civilisations.”

Yet that is exactly what Cameron’s ideological offensive was designed to be.

And Labour’s Ed Miliband was eager to show how much he supported him.

But for all the rhetoric, Britain’s rulers aren’t keen on another major military offensive.

They are backing out of the Afghanistan debacle as soon as they can, whatever Cameron claims.

The Tories are also busy making cuts to the defence budget.

But their ideological intervention serves a wider purpose.

It gives the impression that Britain is besieged and needs to unite to keep a common enemy at bay.

Never mind crisis, austerity and welfare cuts, was Cameron’s message—there are people out there who want to attack “our way of life”.

As if the way of life of an Eton educated millionaire is anything like that of a single parent living on the minimum wage.

Cameron wants us to see Islam as a threat to distract us from the very real threats we face from Tories like him.

Twelve long years of the “war on terror” left death and devastation in Iraq and Afghanistan, and fuelled rabid racism against Muslims in Britain.

We have to stand up against this new round of imperialist warmongering and racist scapegoating.

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Tue 22 Jan 2013, 17:05 GMT
Issue No. 2337
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