Socialist Worker

Europe - no easy solution for the bosses, in or out

Issue No. 2338

The long term decline of Britain as a global power meant a fragmenting of the British ruling class consensus in favour of European integration.

Part of the ruling class believed it had to concentrate on Europe, part looked more to the US.

Some in the “Eurosceptic” camp include City bosses who fund the Tory party.

But other sections of the ruling class are as virulently

pro-European as some Tories are against.

These include manufacturing bosses. Half of Britain’s exports are to the EU.

These divisions penetrate deep into the Conservative Party.

Now the divisions are tempered by the economic crisis.

For some the crisis of the eurozone is a reason to distance themselves further from Europe.

For others it is a reason to huddle together for warmth.

Neither group really knows what to do for the best to pursue profits except to make us pay.

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