Socialist Worker

Bosses' EU club is not for us

Issue No. 2338

Socialist Worker is against the European Union and will argue to vote to leave it in any referendum.

This is not about supporting “Little Englander” racists. Socialists have no truck with the nationalism of the Tory right.

But the EU is a club for bosses.

There isn’t a national interest—what they mean is they want to protect the bosses’ interests.

Some in the Tory party bemoan so called “Eurocrats” dictating what Britain’s government can and can’t do. But they don’t worry about imposing austerity measures when they want to.

Some in the union movement look to the EU for support.

Battered by the bosses’ attacks they believe that the EU is workers’ only protection.

We reject the “race to the bottom” and argue for the extension of the best levels of social provision available.

In this crisis the EU has been used as negotiating committee to push through austerity.

We should oppose the EU as part of confronting the bosses’ agenda.

We are with the workers of Europe fighting against austerity.

That fight is what the bosses in Britain and the rest of Europe are really afraid of.

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