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Bosses' attack on shifts puts safety under threat

Issue No. 2341

Pilot launch crews on the Liverpool docks are furious over attacks on their conditions from Peel Port bosses.

Bosses want to cut the crew from 30 people to just 20. And a new shift rota could see workers on call for as long as 16 hours.

They say this will wreck their home lives and risk safety.

Robbie Clarke is a coxswain and a steward in the GMB union.

“We will be expected to work day and night on the end of a telephone call,” he told Socialist Worker.

“You would not be able to have a normal family life. You would be coming and going at all hours with everyone affected at home.”

The new system also makes it harder for workers to take holidays.

“This will increase the dangers at sea,” said Robbie. “When a person is fatigued I’m sure you know the effect that has.

“I’m employed to take out and board marine pilots in a safe and professional manner in all kinds of weather conditions.

“We have had numerous meetings with this company and as far as I am concerned they are not interested in our safety.”

The workers are also angry that the firm is cutting jobs while boasting in the local press about creating jobs.

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