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Rags owned by millionaires outraged at a six-bed house

Issue No. 2342

It seems there isn’t enough outrage in the world for right wing hypocrites to throw at Heather Frost of Tewkesbury.

For most of last week she was the biggest story in the world for Britain’s tabloids.

The Daily Express called her “a poster girl for the scrounging classes”. She certainly helped whoever writes the Express’s headline skive off a bit of work—it used the same front page lead attacking her two days running.

Heather has 11 children, so the council is providing her with a house—sorry, a “MANSION”—big enough to hold them. Just about. The children will be packed two or three to a room.

It’s hardly palatial compared to the homes of the Tory ministers clamping down on benefits.

Iain Duncan Smith has five acres of land around his £2 million listed building. Lord Freud has 12 bedrooms and no children between his stately home and his flat.

Heather’s daughter Angel owns a horse. She says it was given to her by a friend and her mum has no part in paying for it. But the Sun refuses to believe her.

After all, who ever heard of getting a horse as a present? Other than former Sun editor Rebekah Brooks, who was given a former police horse by the Met.

One thing that’s clear is that looking after 11 children—two of them with ADHD hyperactivity—is going to be a full-time job.

“It’s hard and it’s hectic but you learn to cope,” Heather said. “I plod along but now my life is being trashed—and it’s gone too far.

“A mass murderer wouldn’t get as much attention as I’m getting. One bloke said on Facebook he wanted to put all my kids in a house and gas them. It’s just sickening.”

There was more outrage when she said she might not move to the new house.

But her reason was that “everyone knows where it is now, and I’m not moving in there and then my kids being picked on”.

We’ll let Angel have the final word. “Why are you blaming my mother?” she wrote on a local news website. “How could she possibly work with 11 children?

“You people are animals. You have no right judging us.”

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The Troublemaker
Tue 26 Feb 2013, 16:52 GMT
Issue No. 2342
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