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US plan to use nukes

Issue No. 1837

THE US has drawn up plans to use nuclear weapons in an attack on Iraq. The terrifying prospect was revealed in a classified presidential directive leaked to the Washington Times newspaper. Stratcom, an arm of the Pentagon, has drawn up a list of possible nuclear targets in a 'Theatre Nuclear Planning Document'.

Polls show the mood

SOME 84 percent of the British population is opposed to a US-British war on Iraq, a poll by the Daily Mirror and GMTV revealed last week. The poll also showed that 43 percent of people are against war even if Bush and Blair manage to get a second UN resolution backing action.

Bush's AIDS money a con

GEORGE BUSH tried to buy some popularity last week by announcing he would treble US spending on combating AIDS in the world's poorest countries. The money amounts to $3 billion a year. The US military budget for this year is $379 billion. And the US defence department asked this week if it could increase it to $500 billion a year by 2010.

Why no war on famine?

MORE THAN 11 million people in Ethiopia in east Africa are on the brink of starvation, according to the United Nations.

But Ethiopia is still expected to pay back $87 million to Western governments, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Just a few hundred miles from Ethiopia, the US and Britain are pouring vast amounts of money that could be used to stop famine into plans to kill Iraqi people.

Mandela speaks out

'ALL BUSH wants is Iraqi oil. We must expose this as much as possible. Tony Blair is the foreign minister of the US. He is no longer prime minister of Britain. Why does the US behave so arrogantly? Their friend Israel has weapons of mass destruction. But because it's their ally they won't ask the UN to get rid of them.'

And Jimmy Carter too

'OUR government has not made a case for a pre-emptive military strike against Iraq, either at home or in Europe. It is sobering to realise how much doubt and consternation has been raised about our motives for war in the absence of convincing proof of a genuine threat from Iraq.'
JIMMY CARTER, former US president

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