Socialist Worker

What you can do to stop the war

Issue No. 1838

NEVER IN recent times has the gulf between a government and the people been so wide. Tony Blair marches to war while the vast majority resolutely oppose him. Saturday's demonstration shows that huge numbers of people are prepared to actively oppose the government's war plans.

This has created a massive political crisis. Even mainstream commentators say that Blair could fall. Blair and his generals fear that the anti-war feeling could boil over into even greater discontent. Now we have to strain every sinew to make that fear a reality.

Saturday's march was built by people carrying the anti-war argument in workplaces, schools, colleges and communities in every corner of Britain. We need to step up that campaign. After Saturday's march everyone can be part of building the kind of movement which can stop the warmongers.

That means continuing to counter the lies pumped out to justify war and winning over new people to the movement. It means making opposition to war visible, with leaflets, stickers, badges, posters, meetings and protests in your area and workplace.

If Blair does go to war we need to make it as hard as possible to prosecute that war. We need to act immediately to create a wave of mass civil resistance across Britain. We need to seriously discuss college occupations, mass protests, and walkouts and strikes to stop the war machine.

One small example of what can be done was the magnificent action of the train drivers in Motherwell who refused to drive ammunition trains. We want to see that kind of example magnified a thousandfold to stop the warmongers.

Any deaths on any side in a war against Iraq will be the direct responsibility of those who started the war. Blood will be on the hands of George Bush and Tony Blair. At stake is even more than the lives of the thousands of innocent people who could die in Iraq.

Both Bush and Blair have made clear they see a future of war without end. They want to impose their domination on any country which will not bow to the US.

The greater the opposition to the war now, the more difficult it will be for them to carry out wars in the future. Blair has no mandate for war. We have the mandate of millions to do everything possible to stop that war.

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