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The Daily Mail: A vile paper that tells vile lies to defend a truly vile system

Issue No. 2348

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Eighty years haven’t been enough for the Daily Mail to live down its most notorious front page, “Hurrah for the Blackshirts” in 1934.

But the Mail’s current editors are doing their best to live up to those dizzy heights of bigotry and bile.

They are using tragic murders as a stick to beat the poor.

The paper called Mick Philpott, who murdered his six children, a “vile product of welfare UK”.

It said he “bred” his children as “cash cows” to earn benefits.

It claimed the benefits system has created an underclass of Philpotts who would rather “breed” than get jobs.

Under pressure over their attacks on welfare, top Tories are dropping heavy hints that they agree.

So George Osborne said, “It’s right we ask questions as a government, a society and as taxpayers, why we are subsidising lifestyles like these.”

He also alluded to large families that get more than £100,000 a year on benefits—without admitting that there are only five in Britain.

What’s more, Philpott’s wasn’t one of them. And both of his partners were in work. It wasn’t generous benefits that caused such horrific crimes.

It’s strange that when the millionaire Christopher Foster murdered his wife and daughter in 2009 he wasn’t identified as a vile product of millionaire Britain.

Nor were Peter Mason, Peter Chadwick or John Goodman, other millionaires who the Daily Mail reported as being accused or convicted of killing.

A quick scan of the paper’s archive shows a number of disputes over the inheritances of the very wealthy that ended in bloody murder.

This happens so often in the US that they have made a law so murderers can’t inherit from the person they’ve murdered. Yet we don’t recall any Daily Mail front pages attacking the institution of private property.

And small wonder—editor Paul Dacre is paid more than £2.8 million every year.

Is there a plus side to hospital closures? The Department for Education thinks so. It wants NHS bosses to find unused wards and buildings that can be turned into private “free schools”.

The NHS has been marked for particular attention in an all-department hunt for sites. A group of banker parents opened Bolingbroke Academy in south London in an old hospital last September.

One candidate of the fascist Golden Dawn party in Chania, Crete, made a big splash last week—but not in the way he intended.

Stelios Vlakamis spent the afternoon drinking, singing and making Nazi salutes with two of his pals.

But when the trio moved onto attacking migrants, outraged locals threw sad-act Stelios into the sea.

A select committee for giving MPs iPads

Why do so many MPs claim iPads on expenses when they can form a committee to dish them out for free?

Some 90 MPs from all the main parties got one of the fancy tablets in return for sitting on “paperless select committees”.

The House of Commons has nine cross-party select committees to scrutinise the government.

A house spokes-person insists that, since they started giving away free handheld computers, the committees “have reduced their printing costs”.

A bit like saving a fortune on sandwiches by giving out free steaks then.

But for your real upper class gadget geek, designer Stuart Hughes has brought out 100 iPhones with a chassis of solid gold.

The logo is made of 53 diamonds—and all for a bargain £22,000.

No disabled spot is safe from Osborne

Anyone would think the Tories had run out of things to snatch from disabled people.

But George Osborne knows better.

He was caught with his car parked in a disabled bay last week, while he popped into a service station for a burger on his way back from Wales.

Osborne, whose hobbies include taking away disabled people’s benefits, blamed his chauffeur.

A Thames Valley police officer faces disciplinary action after being caught parking in a parent and child bay while off duty.

His patrol car was caught on camera by a shopper at the Tesco store in Abingdon.

There were plenty of other spaces and people with children waiting to park.

But hey, sometimes you just don’t want to have to wait for your doughnut.

All rise

£5 Million

Pay rise for the queen this year—but the wages of her staff remain frozen


Invest in Africa

Sponsors Sunderland FC for £20 million a year

  • Lobby group aims to show that Africa is “open for business”
  • Its first founding partner was Tullow Oil—a firm that has avoided tax in Britain and Uganda, and donated £10,000 to Michael Gove
  • It says Sunderland taking on Paolo di Canio—a fan of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini—as manager is a “footballing matter”
  • But then, Mussolini was all about investing in Africa. His concentration camps in Libya killed at least 80,000 people, and his invasion of Abyssinia killed up to 760,000

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The Troublemaker
Tue 9 Apr 2013, 19:00 BST
Issue No. 2348
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