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What did workers get blacklisted for?

Issue No. 2349

Bosses put workers on blacklists for many reasons - including if they raised health and safety concerns or had "alleged" links with socialist parties such as the Socialist Workers Party.

Here are just a few examples from the blacklist that explain why workers had been put on the list:

  • After taking on showed signs of militancy over safety.
  • Sold Socialist Worker
  • Militant ringleader
  • On list of persons described as unofficial shop stewards, described as very dangerous
  • Do not touch!!
  • Glasgow, is an extreme troublemaker, worse than any Communist.
  • Electrician Edinburgh Causing trouble at xx reported by local E.E.P.T.U. official as militant 1981, October, attended a C.P. meeting up in Glasgow.
  • Known troublemaker and extremist
  • Following the dispute, the above along with (22 names) were not taken back. All were suspected of being EPIU members.
  • Changed name from xx to xx to get work. Union agitator
  • Involved in safety strike at xx station
  • E.E.P.T.U. says N O
  • Strong Left Wing view tendencies and a very active unionist
  • Involved in a dispute to try to enforce the main contractor to take responsibility for the non-payment of several weeks wages
  • After being employed by xx was elected safety rep on site
  • While at xx , drew H&S issues to the attention of site manager
  • Organised petition over homelessness
  • Has been moved with two others (to avoid suspicion)
  • AEEU (xx) describes above as F. evil as far as internal union dealings are concerned. Active at branch level.
  • Is a good worker but has proved to be very militant.
  • Large family in xx. Troublesome
  • Bad all round.
  • Girlfriend has been involved in several marriages of convenience
  • They were all known to associate with extreme left wing organisations. We managed to get rid of him and will not re-employ him.
  • Reported by local EEPTU official as “militant”.
  • Alleged association with SWP
  • He holds strong ‘far left’ political views and is a firm supporter of Tony Benn.
  • Union steward – work and this man do not agree!! Problems!
  • young nutter
  • We have no proof of anything on this man but the leader of the gang is xx
  • He has strong left wing tendencies.
  • A sound workman, but would not be re-employed as judged to be too difficult to handle.
  • usually chief spokesman for the Irish contingent and is a well practiced agitator.      

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Tue 16 Apr 2013, 19:00 BST
Issue No. 2349
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