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Of course attacks relate to government’s foreign policy 

Regarding the death of drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich I have heard many people ask the question, “why did this happen?”

Well for a start there’s the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. And then there’s the physical, mental and sexual abuse of Iraq citizens by members of British forces. 

Also to blame is the intervention by British forces in Libya, as is the holding of Muslims in Guantanamo for years without trial. 

And what about the constant demonisation of Muslims by some political groups and some sections of the media?

 All this has contributed to the death suffered by Lee Rigby. In the months building up to the Iraq war 

I attended various anti-war meetings organised by the Swindon Stop the War Coalition. 

In one of these meetings George Galloway spoke and he said, “Invade Iraq and we won’t have one Bin Laden to contend with. We will have thousands.” How true those words have become.

The death of Lee Rigby was due to our government’s follies. 

When is our government going to stop meddling in the affairs of Muslim countries?

Britain tries to peddle the lie that it is bringing “peace” to the Middle East, but it is creating war.

Martin WebbSwindon

The commentators who claim the attack had nothing to do with the wars in the Middle East, are totally wrong. 

The proof is on the statement provided by the alleged perpetrator of the attack to the lady who talked to him. 

He explicitly mentioned the West killing Muslim people in Afghanistan. 

So where they draw their conclusions from is a mystery.

Wars and killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, does not bring peace. It brings hatred, and violent retaliations back home.

Alexandros Galanosvia  Facebook

Abortion rights vital

The image of a newborn baby rescued from a sewer pipe in China shocked people across the world.

The mother is an unmarried 22 year old who had hidden her pregnancy. 

 She secretly delivered the baby herself and accidentally dropped him.

She told officials that she was unable to afford an abortion.

This is a particularly grim situation to be in considering China has a one baby rule.

It shows the desperate lengths women are pushed to when the choice of terminating a pregnancy is taken away from them.

It shows how important it is to continue the fight for free, accessible abortions internationally.

Shirin HirschEast London

Solidarity and thanks

I was on a stall selling Socialist Worker last week when a young Muslim boy approached our stall.

He handed a note written by his parents which read, “Thank you, it’s because of people like you that this country is a beautiful place to live in.”

We had been on the megaphone shouting about the racist scapegoating of Muslims.

It shows that it makes a difference to people when we’re on the ground and being loud. It is so important that we come out in force to oppose the racism.

Joauhar BaniWest London

Demand real justice for the Craigavon Two

John Paul Wootton and Brendan McConville were sentenced to life imprisonment in April.

They were accused of the murder of PC Stephen Carroll in Craigavon, County Armagh, in 2009.

But the prosecution was based on unsafe evidence.

For instance, the witness to the murder suffers from short sightedness, and the distance he said he spotted McConville at would be medically impossible.

Furthermore, a tracking device which was used by MI5 to pinpoint the two men at the scene of the shooting “went missing” for a period of time.

An appeal is to be held later this year.

We have launched a justice campaign to demand they be released.

Gerry Conlon of the Guildford Four is chairman of Justice for the Craigavon Two (JFTC2).

For more information and to support us please go to

Packy CartyTyrone, Northern Ireland

Resist homophobia and cuts together

Thank you for highlighting the huge homophobic rallies against equal marriage in France in your last issue (Socialist Worker, 1 June).

I’ve just returned from Paris where 150,000 right wingers marched against the French law that legalises equal marriage. 

The law has already been voted, approved and the first civil ceremony between two men took place last month.

 Still the leaders of this far right movement declared that the protests will continue.

This marriage bill was one of president François Hollande’s main campaign promises and it is undoubtedly an important victory for all French LGBT and left wing activists. 

But nowadays the equal marriage debate is the only thing that separates Hollande from Nicolas Sarkozy’s government. 

Despite calling himself a socialist Hollande’s government is a continuation of Sarkozy’s neoliberal politics. Right down to economic policy, austerity, immigration and Islamophobic politics.

It is in this climate that homophobes think it’s acceptable to spread their hate. We must join the fight back against austerity and homophobia.

Lindberg Filhovia email

A bad day for Jeremy Hunt

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt attended a Q&A event at the University in Guildford on Friday 24 May. 

Members of Guildford Keep Our NHS Public, local students and regional GMB were there to greet him with placards, union flags and pro-NHS/anti-Tory slogans.

The reaction clearly sabotaged what Hunt had hoped to achieve, as he left without a photo opportunity.

Marcus TrowerSurrey

The Tories just don’t care

The Tories said that making tuition fees sky high wouldn’t stop people going to university.

But just 428,000 people applied to begin courses in England this September—compared to 461,000 in 2010.

But the Tories don’t care because it will be working class young people who are affected.

Nicola StevensBurnley

Greek anger on the rise

Chris Jones is wrong to argue that Greece is dominated by fear (Letters, 1 June).

Parties to the left of the Labour-like Pasok got their best ever result in last year’s elections.

In the unions bureaucrats who have been in control for decades now see the rank and file supporting left radicals. 

And we’ve recently seen a wave of anti-fascist demos that haven’t let the Nazis of Golden Dawn appear in the streets.

Nikos LoudosAthens, Greece

Scapegoating must stop

The UK is being taken to court for breaching European Union (EU) law by denying EU nationals access to benefits.

 These measures are part of the government’s squalid agenda of attacks on migrants and its stated aim to tackle so-called “benefit tourism”. 

The scapegoating of migrants is a disgrace and must stop.  

Sasha SimicNorth London


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Tue 4 Jun 2013, 17:42 BST
Issue No. 2356
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