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Bedroom tax stress wrecks health, but we are resisting 

I have never known such a nasty, hated thing as the Tories’ bedroom tax.

The Tories say it is needed because of the housing shortage. I think the Tories are speaking out of their backside.

We all know this is another number to take more money away from people who need it and create severe poverty.

I suffer from anxiety and depression. I have had it many years and it has got worse. 

It makes it hard for me to do everyday things.

I recently got a letter from Manchester City Council saying I will have to pay £10 a week for the bedroom tax.

I started to break down and panic. I’ve lost a lot of sleep worrying about it.

It seems to me that this is theft—taking money from people who need it to live on.

My doctor has raised the level of my depression tablets and prescribed me another tablet for anxiety.

The Tories have no idea what this can do to peoples’ health.

I get the Socialist Worker paper now and find it very interesting. 

It gives an insight into what can be done to defeat this Tory government.

I am so glad that Socialist Worker exists and wants to help people out of distress.

Steve WestManchester

I’m one of the coordinators of the anti-eviction army in Scotland. 

We have measures in place to prevent any potential evictions due to bedroom tax arrears Scotland-wide. 

We need more people to agree to be in place if the need to defend people from eviction in Scotland ever arises. 

We are on Facebook and Twitter under the same name where you can find more details.

And we welcome anyone on board.

We hope to have contact details of people who aren’t on social networks too.

Karen HendryEast Ayrshire

Shame on the Greens in Brighton

I read your story on the bin workers’ strike (Socialist Worker online, 14 June). 

So glad that people are starting to stick up for themselves.

Everybody who is or is not being made to suffer all these unfair cuts need to stand together as one. 

Show this government that its people will not be treated in this way. 

I wish all Brighton bin  workers success—and say shame on the Green Party council leader for imposing these pay cuts. 

People should be getting pay increases, not cuts.

Annemarie Collinson Facebook

Not nature, nor nurture 

I liked the article by John Parrington (Socialist Worker, 15 June) explaining why the arguments in The Anatomy of Violence by Adrian Raine are spurious.

These ideas that our biology is in some way to blame for crime are repackaged relentlessly as if they are new.

The champions of capitalism cannot bear the idea that maybe their system is at fault. So they say social problems are rooted in the human condition—our genes, our nature or our biology.

I don’t think the argument can be reduced to either nature or nurture but the dialectical interaction between the two.

Heather FahoneSwansea

Sexist single shows up culture of degradation 

The video to Robin Thicke’s number one single Blurred Lines is, like the song, appallingly sexist.

YouTube banned the version that shows three women walking around essentially naked while fully dressed men watch them.

However the “censored” version is hardly any better.

It partially clothes the women. But it does nothing to remove the idea that they’re there purely to pleasure men.

They’re also likened to animals—as in the lyrics—with men brushing their hair like pets.

This is not a shocking exception. 

Treating women as sexual objects is common and feeds into the culture of overt sexism rampant in mainstream entertainment.

This culture desperately needs to be challenged.

Kate HurfordSouth London

Protest and defy kettling 

It was heartening to read that a legal observer kettled by police on the trade union demonstration on 30 November 2011 has won her case. 

She was not released from the kettle until she gave cops her name, and was photographed and filmed. My children were kettled while protesting against tuition fee rises the previous year. 

I believe they were harshly treated to give a message to all those planning protests against austerity and cuts. 

In the autumn teachers will strike regionally and nationally and we hope other unions will join us. 

This needs to be followed by a general strike. We must not let the threat of kettling stop our protests.

Sara TomlinsonSouth London

Singing for the struggle

Our band, The Vulnerables, has a single on YouTube called Coalition, about the coalition government.

I hope Socialist Worker readers will check it out. I’m sure comrades will love the lyrics—“You coalesce into fiscal mess!”

You can see it at

Darren TollidayManchester

Fascism is on rise in Poland

Poland’s fascists are thriving. More than 1,000 delegates attended the founding conference of the Nationalistic Movement, including guests from Jobbik.

They are primarily targeting Roma people but also Muslims and non-white foreigners.

Activists in the 11 November Agreement are defying them.

Maciek BancarzewskiStevenage

GM food is a Great Mistake

The government wants to grow more genetically modified (GM) crops.

This means that regulations on growing GM crops could be watered down.

But GM crops harm people and the planet.

You can find more information for anti-GM campaigners at

Debbie PriceBristol

Loadsa money for workers

On the Brighton bin strike, I see the bloody council underspent by over four million quid last year!

They have tons of money to pay their workers a reasonable rate.

Joe Kellyon Facebook

Chuck out the Eton mess!

We should take the streets!

Rebel long overdue! 

Cahit Cetinkayaon Facebook

They need to go before the election!

Karen Robinson Facebook

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Tue 25 Jun 2013, 18:18 BST
Issue No. 2359
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