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Issue No. 2360

The Met is filthy, racist and rotten beyond redemption

Is there any level to which the British state will not stoop? 

I’m talking about the Channel 4 Dispatches documentary on police secrecy. It focused on a former Special Branch police informer turned whistleblower. 

Historically police have infiltrated political campaigns and strikes. 

These revelations are timely with current attention on another whistleblower—Edward Snowden. He revealed that the US security services were complicit in using surveillance to monitor Internet traffic covertly.

However the most shocking thing about the Dispatches programme was when the whistleblower testified that as well as covert activities, Special Branch were prepared to smear the Justice for Stephen Lawrence campaign.

As if Stephen’s family haven’t suffered enough over 20 years with police corruption and racism.

Of course Socialist Worker readers will not be surprised at the role the “secret” state plays.

Gary LewisSwansea

Stephen Lawrence was murdered in 1993. Most of his murderers remain at liberty. We now learn that the police told their undercover operative to find “dirt” on his family. 

Is there any doubt that the Metropolitan Police are institutionally racist, irredeemably corrupt and wholly unaccountable?

Comrades, after these recent attacks, no one should be in any doubt exactly what it is all coppers are.

Sasha SimicHackney, east London

The police will never change. Whenever there’s a scandal they say it’s down to one rotten apple.

But the revelations that cops spied on Stephen Lawrence’s family show that the whole orchard is rotten to the core.

It’s a wonder as to how the state maintains the lie it’s there to protect the public.

Steve Gray, by email

Nazis outnumbered by shoppers in Sheffield

In Sheffield we recently completely humiliated half a dozen Nazis from the British Movement who were handing out leaflets calling for a “white only Britain”.

We had just finished a Socialist Worker stall and confronted them along with Occupy protesters and local shoppers. 

We drowned them out and tore down their banners and defied their shouts of “Hitler was right”. They had to scuttle off under police protection.

As the crisis in society deepens, even more vicious organisations are trying to capitalise on people’s despair.

The experience made me realise how important it is to be part of an organisation that confronts fascism at every turn.

Julia ShergoldSheffield

A long fight ahead of us

I was in Paris for the rally against the Front National and in memory of Clement Meric, the 18 year old left wing activist killed by fascists. 

It was a huge event that should give everyone optimism for anti-racism and anti-capitalism in France.

French anti-fascists have a lot to undo. Police brutality, the popularity of the racist Front National of Marine Le Pen, and the normalisation of anti-immigrant views by mainstream parties.

Anti-fascists in France and in Britain need to keep shouting the same message at every opportunity—that economic injustice is the fault of contradictions in capitalism, not immigration.

William Cleary, Kent

Syria is a civil war

I disagree with your article “US troops in Syria only threaten the revolution” (Socialist Worker, 18 June). 

The headline implies that the military struggle of the rebels is still revolutionary. 

It is now quite clear that any revolutionary dynamic in Syria was overwhelmed by Bashar al-Assad’s bloody repression. 

What remains is sectarian military struggle.

If we want the eventual overthrow of Assad we have to be clear about the fate of the revolution and what went wrong.

Dave Gardnerby email

Help single parents too 

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the People’s Assembly (Socialist Worker, 29 June), although I really wanted to. 

This was due to not having anyone to stay with my young son while I went out. This in itself seems normal, but the truth is it is not acceptable.

It also shows the predicament facing over a third of Britain’s single parent families. 

I have been on Jobseekers Allowance for a year and a half and have attended the A4E work programme.  

The pressure and stress forced upon me and my son are unbearable.  

I feel as if I am watched, criticised and made to feel inadequate as a parent.

I hope that people will speak for us, the unseen single parents.

Jane UptonLeicester

Warmongers should pay up

The Supreme Court has ruled that relatives of army personnel killed or injured in active service can sue if underfunded or faulty equipment was responsible.

We shouldn’t face cuts or be taxed to pay for this.

The military interventions in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan are neoliberal wars for rotten neoliberal causes

If anyone should pay compensation, it’s the pro-war MPs.

Nick VinehillNorfolk

A small victory for Palestine

It’s an inspiration to see a Palestinian winning the Arab Idol TV talent show. 

Mohammed Assaf’s songs are about the struggle and hope of the Palestinian people.

The crowds of people that greeted him at the Rafah crossing just shows what his victory means to people.

Palestinians fight Israel’s racism to assert their identity everyday.

Mohammed Assaf is proudly bringing Palestinian culture to a wider audience.

Soraya HadehGlasgow

All out to beat the Tories

i was at the Preston teachers’ strike rally last week.

It was a good turnout! Now let’s get some coordinated national strikes planned.

Time is running out. While people still have some fight in them let’s hit the Tories hard!

Bridgey Rachelon Facebook

Keep up the good work

Socialist worker is an invaluable source of news from the invisible world of resistance and dissent. 

The right wing media would rather we didn’t know about all the strikes and protests that are going on around the country against the system.

Keep going. In solidarity. 

Patrick KinnerslyAddress provided

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Tue 2 Jul 2013, 17:43 BST
Issue No. 2360
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