Socialist Worker

Workers have the power to change the world

Issue No. 2361

A 17 million-strong revolt from below brought down a second president in Egypt last week. It shows what is possible at the height of mass struggles.

Events in Egypt prove that people can topple tyrants. But they also show that revolution is a process. People will have to keep struggling until their demands are met. 

As the graffiti on the streets of Cairo says, they didn’t make a revolution to see a “new pharaoh”. They want a totally different society.  Workers can deliver it.

Workers’ action dealt the final blow to Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorship in 2011. And it was a strike wave and the threat of a general strike, on top of mass street protests, that forced out Mohamed Mursi last week.

Ruling classes are scared of workers’ struggle.

When our rulers get together in international summits, they jockey for position in competition with each other. But they are united on one thing. They want to exploit and oppress us to increase their wealth and power.

Some claim that workers are too weak to change things today. Yet workers across the world have shown they still have incredible power.

In Greece government after government has tried to drive through ever more brutal austerity that is wrecking people’s lives. But they keep meeting resistance. 

Ordinary people come out on the streets, millions of workers have struck and thousands have occupied their workplaces.

Media workers are currently occupying the Greek state television station, ERT, and refusing to allow the government to shut it down. They are broadcasting online and millions of people have tuned in to watch.

Workers have the power to defy the government’s plans and at the same time offer an alternative. 

We are told we aren’t capable of running things and that we need “experts” to do things on our behalf. But when workers fight back, they show this up as a hollow lie.

The inspiring actions of millions of ordinary people around the world show what is possible. We don’t have to accept the priorities of the rich elites who are driven only by increasing their profits.

Workers’ collective power can be used to offer a society based on finding the best and most efficient ways of providing for the needs of ordinary people. 

It can bring about real democracy where ordinary people run society—and throw out the rich minority that makes our lives a misery.

That’s’ the sort of socialist society that we in the Socialist Workers Party are fighting for. That’s why we ask everyone who wants to fight and would like to see a better world to join us.

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