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Tories lie to divide us

Issue No. 2362

The devastating benefit cuts are not enough for some Tories.  A group of MPs in marginal constituencies is calling for a vicious clampdown on teenage mothers.

They say that young working class women are having children to get free housing. They are lying.

Far from a life of luxury on benefits, young mothers face a constant struggle to get enough support to get by. 

They are more likely to end up in hostels or with their parents than in homes of their own.

And the number of teenage pregnancies is actually falling.

But these MPs, who have just been awarded a 10 percent pay rise, decided that picking on the poor is the way to win votes.

They know that people are stretched and angry—and looking for someone to blame. 

And they would much rather that we turned on an imaginary underclass of lazy unemployed people than on the real culprits—the cuts, the bosses and the rich.

The £500 benefit cap introduced this week is likely to cost more money than it saves. 

It affects a small amount of claimants who are struggling to keep up with rising housing and living costs—especially those with children.

In reality workers on lower than average wages are likely to be on benefits themselves.

But it suits the Tories to try and divide us. They know that when we stand together we can beat their attacks.

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Tue 16 Jul 2013, 17:51 BST
Issue No. 2362
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