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Greece—stop racists dividing us

Issue No. 2363

The Golden Dawn party is openly Nazi. Its members have been involved in violent attacks against migrants, left activists, gay people and artists.

But it isn’t feeding on racism from below—the racism comes from above.

Governments don’t want to take responsibility for the misery their austerity has created. So they have been playing the racist card to divide the resistance.

After the last elections they began the Zeus Xenios operation, named after the god of hospitality. 

They arrested illegal immigrants—who they identified mainly by skin colour.

We have to connect our work against fascism to fighting that racism.

More than 100,000 people have joined local demonstrations against Golden Dawn across Greece. That’s why they haven’t been able to take the streets.

It’s the same in workplaces.

Doctors in white coats have blocked the doors to Golden Dawn members trying to give blood. 

Teachers organised lessons about fascism and the Nazi occupation when Golden Dawn tried to organise in schools.

And demonstrations by migrants have given the workers’ movement confidence to stand up to racism.

None of this is reason to be complacent. We have isolated the Nazis —now we need to uproot them. 

We have to say that Nazis have no place in our society. We stand in the tradition of the Anti Nazi League, the tradition of unity against the fascists.

Now we have to unite on an international level. We are hosting an international meeting to strengthen the anti-fascist movement in Europe.

It’s never inevitable that fascism will triumph. It wasn’t inevitable in Germany between the wars and it’s not inevitable in Greece or any other country today.

Petros Constantinou, coordinator of the anti-fascist group Keerfa

International meeting against fascism— 5-6 October in Athens. For more details go to

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