Socialist Worker

Egypt's army cracks down on the gains of the revolution

by Wassim Wagdy in Cairo
Issue No. 2368

Egypts Revolutionary Socialists denounce Mubaraks release from jail

Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists denounce Mubarak's release from jail (Pic: Gigi Ibrahim)

The hated former dictator Hosni Mubarak has been released from prison, though he will remain under house arrest and faces charges of corruption and killing protesters. The Revolutionary Socialists held a demonstration.

We were the only ones to make a stand. We wanted to protest at the whole way his case is being tried. It’s a fiasco. Everyone knows he will be acquitted. 

He will never be found guilty of killing protesters under his own laws and his own state. We were really protesting against counter revolution.

One of the demo’s slogans was “Down with the rule of Hosni Mubarak” because the army’s 3 July takeover was an attempt to reassert his regime. 

The ruling class is coalescing around a new leader, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, and is becoming more politically powerful.

It wants to erase the memory of the revolution of 25 January 2011.


The military want to shut down all dissent and close the spaces that the revolution opened up to organise politically. 

It has imposed a strict curfew, which now starts at 9pm. Previous curfews have been defied, but not this one.

The army has shot two people for driving after curfew—one of them died. Both were journalists who had exemption, but that didn’t save them.

And we know this crackdown won’t stop at the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Three striking Suez steel workers have been arrested in their own homes and another at an army checkpoint. This is something new. 

Egypt’s rulers are out to crush the Brotherhood now it is no longer useful to them. Earlier the Brotherhood served their interests.

It did everything they required. It helped Israel put Gaza under siege by closing the Rafa crossing. It was prepared to cooperate with the US and crushed resistance at every opportunity.

The Brotherhood is a contradictory phenomenon. It is not integral to Egypt’s ruling class. But ironically the Brotherhood did its job in office so thoroughly that it lost its mass base. And that means it is no longer useful to the ruling class. 

A recent study showed that in May of this year Egypt had the highest level of political and economic struggles in the world. 


The Brotherhood was not able to appease or control the masses so the ruling class has no need for it any more. Now our rulers want to break its bones.

We have stood out against the repression. The Revolutionary Socialists have shown such courage. 

But we are too small. The mass movement of 30 June put 17 million people on the streets and we were overwhelmed. 

We fought on slogans to topple president Mohamed Mursi and to deepen the revolution. 

We attacked the record of the military and some of the rest of the left attacked us. 

This weakened our side and helped the ruling class to set back the movement. 

We needed an organisation like the Bolsheviks in Russia in 1917— rooted and big enough to stay strong and offer an alternative.

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