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Statement from Syrian revolutionary socialists: ‘Our revolution has no friend but the people’

The Revolutionary Left Current in Syria issued a statement after the East Ghouta massacre. This is an edited extract.

Issue No. 2368

After more than two years, it is no longer possible to count the martyrs, wounded, detainees, displaced and refugees.

It is the tragedy of a people revolting for freedom from a dictatorship that serves the interests of a narrow bourgeois clique.

Our revolution has no sincere ally—except the popular revolutions of the region and the world, and all the militants struggling against ignorance, servitude and exploitation.

Yet our rebellious people defeat the tyrants and punish their crimes. We bury our dead and will look after our wounded. We will only be more resolute in our struggle.

No to Washington! No to Moscow! Victory to the revolution and all the power and wealth to the people!

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