Socialist Worker

Notes from the Syrian uprising

by Ghayath Naisse, Member of the Revolutionary Left Current
Issue No. 2369

“This is a popular revolution—at its heart are the workers, the masses and the rural poor. It began in the popular working class districts and spread to the countryside.

“This revolution from below is still alive in the popular quarters of cities such as Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, Deraa and Deir Ezzour.

“We created popular committees to coordinate our protests, and popular councils to rule our liberated areas. We have experimented in self organisation and self rule.

“But we face many enemies. On the one side we have a cruel and barbaric dictatorship, backed by Russia, China, Iran and Hizbollah.

“On the other is the counter revolutionary camp of Saudi Arabia and the petro monarchies backed by the US and western powers.

“This is why we say ‘neither Washington nor Moscow, Riyadh nor Tehran’. We want a future Syria under popular rule, where the labouring masses are in control.

“Our victory can only come from our hands. The Western powers want to derail our revolution, they have their own imperial and sectarian agendas.

“There are never any guarantees of victory. We always face the horror of defeat. But socialists must always stand with the oppressed and those in revolt.”


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