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Drive the BNP Nazis back in the gutter

by Helen Shooter
Issue No. 1849

THE BRITISH National Party (BNP) is a danger to everyone living in Britain. It was standing a record 220 candidates in Thursday's election, and hoped it could make a breakthrough. The BNP tried to feed off the widespread insecurity and disillusion with mainstream parties.

Many people fear losing their job and worry if their wages will pay the bills. They worry about their children getting a decent education and long waiting lists for hospitals. But the BNP is the most dangerous protest vote there is. It seeks to direct people's bitterness into racism against refugees.

And behind that stands the BNP's aim of building a Nazi organisation in Britain. The party's leadership admires what Hitler did in Nazi Germany. BNP leader Nick Griffin was convicted for saying that the Holocaust, the Nazi murder of six million Jews, was 'a lie'. Griffin wants to build an organisation that uses 'well directed boots and fists' to get its way.

He wants a country where the only people who are 'allowed' to live here are those who can trace their origins back '10,000 years'. The BNP has had to hide these Nazi beliefs, as it knows the vast majority of people in Britain hate what Hitler did in Germany.

They pose as a 'respectable' political party, whose leaders wear suits and ties. But they want to turn all the frustration and anger people feel toward a single target - refugees. Hitler singled out Jews as his scapegoat.

He encouraged attacks on Jewish families and rounded them up in ghettos before shipping them to their deaths in gas chambers. He did not stop with this barbarism. He sent trade unionists, disabled people, socialists, Gypsies and others he regarded as 'inferior' to be killed too. That's the sort of Britain the BNP wants to create.

Whatever vote they get in Thursday's election, they have to be driven back to the gutter where they belong. That means exposing them for the Nazis they are, and mass protests to unite everyone who hates what they stand for.

The lies they use to con people

THE BNP has lied about refugees to try to con people into voting for it. One of its leaflets in Chatham describes a pensioner living in poverty, waiting for hospital treatment, and whose council flat is in need of repair. The BNP claims that if she was an asylum seeker all her bills would be paid. It also says she would be at the front of the housing queue, get a free new cooker and central heating, a free colour TV without having to pay the licence fee, and her windows would be cleaned every fortnight for free.

Pensioners are in dire poverty. The basic state pension is just £77.45 a week. Yet a refugee has to try to live off half of what a pensioner gets - £37.77 a week. That has to cover food, clothes, a bus ride, a telephone call to worried relatives.

New Labour forces refugees to be dumped in run-down houses across Britain, sometimes far away from anyone from their community. Many of these houses have been unfit for anyone to live in for years. Refugees have reported being abandoned in a house without electricity or heating.

Refugees put in communal accommodation - just like students or those in an elderly people's home - may not have to pay a TV licence. Refugees forced to live in detention centres do have facilities like this. But that is hardly a life of luxury that any pensioner should envy.

No one flees halfway across the world for a cooker and the hope of getting their windows cleaned once a fortnight. And no one should be conned by the Nazis' lies or their pretence that they care for poor people of any sort.

BNP leader Griffin has made it clear that he has contempt for all poor people, calling people living on housing estates 'scum'. The truth is that the Nazis are the enemy of every pensioner, and of every ordinary family in Britain.

Fuelling racism

'FURY OVER Brit Nazi Plot' headlined the Daily Express on Monday. 'Behind the political makeover are the same band of yobs, criminals, Nazis and football hooligans who have always run the BNP,' it argued. That conclusion is absolutely right.

But the Express itself has churned out front page articles repeating the very lies about refugees that the BNP uses to try and build support. Much of the press and many leading politicians have encouraged hatred and whipped up racism against refugees.

Then they wonder why the Nazi party of race hate gains confidence. Every time the home secretary David Blunkett has attacked refugees he has given a boost to the Nazis.

Blunkett chartered the first plane this week to deport Afghan refugees. Afghanistan is suffering from the mess left behind from the US and British war two years ago. There are rival gangs ruling over the chaos in Afghanistan.

In the village of Akazi last week 38 people were killed, including three women and 19 children who drowned in a river after fleeing gunfire. Blunkett wants to put even more Afghan families in the line of fire. Scapegoating of refugees by politicians and the press boosts rather than undermines the BNP.

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Sat 3 May 2003, 00:00 BST
Issue No. 1849
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