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Issue No. 1697

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Things they say

"THERE WAS no need to be shooting at anybody. The Iraqis couldn't surrender fast enough. The war was over."

  • Lieutenant-General JAMES JOHNSON on the US military's attack, led by a current member of Bill Clinton's cabinet, on retreating Iraqi conscripts in 1991

"IT WAS impossible to canvass in 1997 and not be aware of the extent to which some Labour voters saw New Labour as alien, finding the new elite's choice of friends strange and their rich lifestyles foreign."

  • Former social security minister FRANK FIELD MP

"THE KGB has arrived in power. I've always loved the KGB. It's just what Russia needs."

  • Russian fascist VLADIMIR ZHIRINOVSKY on the government led by Blair's friend Vladimir Putin

"IT IS a matter of record that the actual damage in Kosovo was rather less than the estimated damage. Certainly when we entered Kosovo we did not have to clear away hundreds of burnt-out tank hulls."

  • GENERAL SIR MIKE JACKSON (NATO actually destroyed just 14 Serbian tanks)

"I THINK the introduction of performance related pay for teachers may well have been the impetus for ordering annual tests for eight, nine and ten year olds."

  • Headteachers' union leader DAVID HART on why more primary schools are ordering "voluntary tests" for children alongside compulsory SATs

"I AM not aware of any abuses in our pipeline area or of cases of forced labour being used in Burma."

  • Premier Oil boss CHARLES JAMIESON, May 1999

"THERE ARE not just human rights abuses but environmental abuses in Burma. If I said there were not last year, it was not what I meant."


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Sat 20 May 2000, 00:00 BST
Issue No. 1697
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