Socialist Worker

After attacks, Roma speak out - 'This racist bullshit must stop'

Issue No. 2377

The Daily Mirror ran a disgraceful story claiming that gypsies see blonde children as a “prize catch”.

Many newspapers accepted the idea that Roma steal children.

Nick Radu is a Roma living in London. He told Socialist Worker, “We don’t steal children. It’s an old, racist myth.

“We have to stop this kind of bullshit.

“People in other ethnic groups have bad people and so do we. But for others, they are innocent until proven guilty. For Roma, we are guilty unless we can prove our innocence.”

Nick said that racism pushed some Roma to hide their ethnicity.

“We have gypsies who are teachers, doctors, politicians,” he said. “But they feel they have to hide it.”

He attacked the scapegoating of Roma and Travellers as scroungers.

“I want to say something to politicians,” he said. “Give us the chance to work. And if you offer us benefits, don’t then blame us for taking them.”

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