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Issue No. 2377

Support the Focus E15 mothers fighting evictions 

Our campaign started when we were issued with eviction notices saying that we would have to leave Focus E15 mother and baby unit. 

This is a unit for young mums and their children, or young pregnant women in Newham, east London.

The unit is closing because the council has cut £41,000 in funding.

We were given two months notice by the council to leave. We had meetings with the council where they told us we’d have to look for privately rented property. 

I call estate agents daily, and I get no joy. 

This is because most private landlords won’t accept DSS payments.

We decided to get together and talk about our experiences of looking for places. Then we decided to get a campaign going. 

When we appeared on the front page of the Newham Recorder, East Thames Housing Association got in contact with us, but throughout everything Newham Council has remained quiet.

It is really important for us to make a difference. We have small children, or are about to have babies. We want people to understand our position. 

We know it’s also happening to other people, people who are privately renting and the elderly. We want to make a difference to them too.

Quite a few people have been supportive to us in the community, but I’ve also had some abuse. 

A man was nasty to me in the street the other day.

The funding for our support workers has also gone now. Before we had dedicated support workers helping us with finding accommodation. All that has gone now.

We’re looking to hand in our petition, and also do meetings in the future. 

Please email messages of support to

Jasmin Stone 

Focus E15 Campaign

A nuclear rip-off

Whatever the professed “free” market ideology of this government, the nuclear deal is another example of corporations taking the profits and workers being saddled with the liabilities.

This is all while people will have to contend with higher electricity bills for decades. 

I defy anyone to say that nuclear is cheaper than wind when the decommissioning costs are taken into account. 

Not to mention who will pay if there is a nuclear accident. 

Economics is truly subordinated to politics.

John Sinha

North London

Tories try to  divert blame 

The main policy to get attention from last month’s Tory party conference was the “learn or earn” strategy.

This is to be imposed on people under 25 to “nag” them off benefits.

As if people haven’t been humiliated enough with their hopes being slowly ripped apart by politicians.

Do you think claimants are layabouts cheating the system? If so then you’re wrong, as just 0.7 percent of benefit claims are fraudulent. 

The way the Tories go on about it you’d think it was 99.3 percent instead.

This is another policy designed to blame the wrong people for the mess we’ve been put in.

Douglas Kinloch


Parents support the striking teachers 

Parents at our son’s primary school were very unhappy when they received a letter from the new head just before the teachers’ strike.  

It said that as only four teachers were striking, the rest of the school would be open. 

During previous strikes the school had shut. 

So a few of us parents decided to make sure that those four teachers knew they had parents’ support to strike.

We got together and wrote a letter congratulating them on striking in defence of our children’s education. In just a few days 55 parents signed the letter.

The right-wing media like to focus on parents who are anti-strike. 

It ignores parents like those at our son’s school who understand the importance of striking to defend quality education for all children.

Siobhan Hawthorne and Des Barrow

Northeast, London

Fight the scapegoating of migrants

The Tories’ nasty new Immigration Bill is very worrying.

Migrants are going to be hounded wherever they go, whether they’re looking for help in hospital or looking for somewhere to live. 

The new bill also means that immigration raids will be stepped up. Such raids have a deadly history.

In 1994, Nigerian migrant Joseph Nnalue fell to his death from a third story window during a raid. 

Then in very similar circumstances, Ghanaian Joseph Crentsil fell to his death from a window in 2001 during a raid.

And we have not forgotten Joy Gardner,  from Jamaica, who died in 1993 after 13ft of tape was wrapped around her head during a raid. 

We also saw vicious raids at Whitechapel Market last week, where stall owners were harassed and had their stalls searched for “stolen goods”.

These are just a few examples why we have to fight to stop the Tory attacks on migrants.

We have to show the Tories we will not let them get away with scapegoating migrants for the crisis the rich created.

Stu Curlett

East London

Just a thought...

It is a toxic trick by Tories

I came away from a TUC conference on climate change last week depressed that so many delegates seemed to think the answer lay in nuclear power stations. 

Then I saw your front page “Tories’ Toxic Trick” (Socialist Worker 26 October) and I thought to myself, “Thank god for Socialist Worker”.

Ken Montague

West London 


No two ways about it

You describe the attacks on Roma people as an ideological offensive and never was a term more appropriately chosen. 

It is, of course, an outcome of an offensive ideology.




Raid the rich to solve crisis

It’s possible to reduce the deficit without sending the economy into a downward spiral. 

There’s lots of money in bank accounts of wealthy individuals and companies. 

Will the government do the right thing and take it? This government won’t, anyway.

Peter Martin



Why ignore the badgers?

Public opinion is being changed by the badger cull but why do you do nothing to help? 

Suzy Murphy

on Facebook 


Solidarity for the strikes

Unequivocal solidarity with the teachers, the posties and whoever else is prepared to fight. 

Steve Campbell

on Facebook

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Issue No. 2377
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