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Blair can't hide from his lies about Iraq

Issue No. 1855

THE LIES told by Tony Blair to justify war on Iraq are coming back to haunt him. This week the conference of Britain's fourth biggest union, the GMB, called for a public inquiry into events leading up to the war. If Blair was found to have lied, said the motion, he should resign. The conference also supported the Stop the War Coalition and voted to review its links with Labour MPs.

Almost every day there are more problems for Blair. Home secretary David Blunkett this week admitted, 'It would have been better if we hadn't published that dossier.' He was referring to the dossier produced by Blair in January on alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Alistair Campbell, Blair's communications chief, has written to the heads of Britain's intelligence agencies accepting that the dossier 'had not met the required standards of accuracy'. That's putting it mildly. The dossier was cut and pasted from a 12 year old student thesis.

Blair pumped out still more lies this week, continuing to claim that Iraq tried to buy uranium from the African state of Niger. The documents this claim was based on have been declared crude forgeries by International Atomic Energy Authority inspectors.

Blair says he has 'a number of sources' for the claim apart from the forgeries. The inspectors deny any other source exists. Who do you believe?

In the US too it emerged last week that a report by the Pentagon intelligence agency concluded last year there was 'no reliable evidence' that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons. At least we brought freedom to Iraq, argues Blair.

Yet the reality of what is happening today in Iraq is grim, and getting worse as the occupying forces lord it over people. No wonder there is resistance.

The millions who marched against the war were right. They said the dossiers produced to justify war were lies and that the war would not bring liberation. We cannot rely on Labour MPs, most of who have been completely spineless, to bring Blair to account.

Next Saturday the Stop the War Coalition is holding a vital conference in London (details on opposite page). Every anti-war activist should try to be there to discuss how we make Blair pay the price for his lies and how we prevent yet more horror.

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    Sat 14 Jun 2003, 00:00 BST
    Issue No. 1855
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