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Noxious Nick and foul Farage vomit up opinions - twice

Issue No. 2397

Lib Dem Nick Clegg, whose party was beaten by Elvis in a recent by-election, challenged Ukip’s Nigel Farage to debate him.

Farage no doubt puked his pint out in delight at the idea.

The first well-covered event was last week. It was so riveting they are doing it again after Socialist Worker goes to press. 

They have both worked in Europe, both smoke, both tend to twist the facts. Both are rich and both are obnoxious. 

Neither of them was actually trying to convince anyone. Clegg needs to get his dwindling number of supporters motivated for the May elections. Farage needs momentum to convince racists to vote for racism. 

Clegg is for the European Union because he is for a bosses’ club. Farage is against it because he is the military wing of the Daily Express. Its political editor is a Ukip candidate in May.

The other problem is that Farage is so odious it almost makes you want Clegg to do well. Almost.

Farage declared the EU is an evil empire with “blood on its hands” and expressed his love of German cars.

Then he demanded an immigration system that had controls on the “quantity” of whom came to Britain and the “quality”.

“Well I’m not off to church,” quipped Farage when asked if he was off to the pub. He actually retired to the much more plush surroundings of the Reform Club, on London’s Pall Mall, for a celebratory party.

Unfortunately, the waiting older crowd had not been able to see their victorious hero’s performance. 

The Reform Club doesn’t have a TV—though they did rustle up one of those new fangled wireless. Farage then went on to the East India Club for a late nightcap. 

To show how modern it is  the club allows women in the bar—since last year.

Nick Clegg’ special adviser, Adam Pritchard, secretly approached bosses to try to get them to sign a pre-drafted letter supporting Clegg’s stance to be placed in the papers the morning before the next debate.

Disgrace of Labour's fees for students

Good old Labour, forever standing up for ordinary people.

The party’s plan to charge students a maximum of £6,000 a year tuition fees could become a manifesto pledge.

Currently universities can charge up to £9,000 so Labour is spinning its plan as a good thing.

It’s a disgrace that anyone should have to pay for education and fees should be scrapped altogether. 

Ofsted targets two year olds

Schools inspectorate Ofsted seems to have become bored haranguing teachers and children in schools. So now it’s got toddlers in its sights.

Its head, Sir Michael Wilshaw, is set to recommend tests for children as young as two.

What on earth could you test a two year old on, you may well wonder. According to Wilshaw two year olds can be tested on counting bricks and putting marks on paper.

There's plenty of money for free schools

The Tories are always going on about how little money there is for public services. So why has education secretary Michael Gove insisted on spending £45 million on one free school?

The Harris Westminster Sixth Form will cater for just 90 students. But Department for Education sources said when they questioned the spending, they got nowhere. “It was Michael Gove’s decision,” they said. “And no one could stop it.”

Lord Harris is a former Tory Party treasurer and has donated millions. It’s a mystery why Gove pushed the spending through.

London loves a billionaire

Billionaires are more likely to head to London than anywhere else in western Europe according to new research.

The city has 67 billionaires—compared to 25 in Paris and 18 in Geneva.

There are more than 2,170 billionaires globally, with a combined fortune of £3.88 trillion.

Daily Mail is wrong on immigration - again

The Daily Mail newspaper printed yet another “clarification and correction” relating to an immigration story this week.

The Mail had reported in February that, among European Union (EU) countries, Britain received the highest number of EU migrants in 2011.

It has now had to admit that the figures related to migrants from across the world, not just the EU.

Perhaps the Mail should stop printing so many scare stories to avoid such “mistakes” in the future.

Fuhrer's fake fur for Channel 4

Last week we reported that Channel 4 had lost the run of themselves and had given cash to Holocaust denier David Irving.   

The sample of Hitler’s hair which Channel 4 paid Irving more than £3,000 for, has been revealed as fake. 

A bit like everything the Nazi historian’s ever written, then.

Plenty of jobs for those who want to work

Tory MPs raked in £4 million in lucrative second jobs last year.

Tory barrister Geoffrey Cox got £397,039. Stephen Phillips QC came second with £364,499.

Former cabinet minister John Redwood is third on £213,852, ex-foreign secretary Malcolm Rifkind fourth with £213,283 and Nicholas Soames fifth on £199,005. Former armed forces minister Soames earns £8,333 for 15 hours’ work a month for Aegis Defence.

We paid for minister's £1 million pad

Troublemaker regular culture secretary Maria Miller is raking it in. 

We previously suggested that she could make a fortune out of her expenses paid for second home. 

We were right.

She has reportedly made a profit of over £1 million on the sale of a house that she claimed £90,718 in expenses for.

The cash went towards things including bills and mortgage payments.

 Her expense claims are now under investigation.


Lloyds boss Antonio Horta-Osoraio bought £3 million of shares in his company—for just £4. He then sold 1.89 million of them for £1.39 million


Conservative Future. Its events page admits that it has “no upcoming events”. The site has posted no news since December

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The Troublemaker
Tue 1 Apr 2014, 19:45 BST
Issue No. 2397
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