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Issue No. 2407

Call to welcome migrants in Scotland grants us space

Bob Thomson (Letters, 7 June) is right to say that the European election results highlight the depth of frustration with the political elite in Britain. 

He is also right to note that the vote for Ukip in Scotland, though worryingly high, was considerably lower than in England. 

One important reason for this is that many people feel that the Scottish National Party (SNP) offers an alternative to the austerity policies and dog-whistle racism of the Tories, New Labour and the Lib Dems. 

In reality there is often a huge gap between the SNP’s left-wing rhetoric and its neoliberal practice. In many cases the Scottish government has been only too willing to blame the Westminster government for its own failure to challenge cuts and privatisation. 

Nevertheless it is the official policy of the Scottish government that immigrants would be welcome in an independent Scotland. This fact makes it easier to challenge the racist arguments of Ukip. 

This provides socialists with the opportunity to put anti-racism at the heart of the Yes campaign. Tommy Sheridan has consistently done this in the huge meetings he has been holding all over Scotland. 

As Bob also notes, many working-class voters remain unconvinced that a Yes vote in September would make a difference to their lives. 

We need a united campaign over the next three months involving socialists from all parties alongside supporters of the Radical Independence Campaign. 

This could play an important role in winning a much more radical vision of an independent Scotland than that currently on offer from the SNP. 

Iain FergusonGlasgow

Thank you for sending me books on socialism 

Following my appeal for socialist books (Letters, 5 April) I received a package on 23 April. 

Although I’m 39 years old, I couldn’t help feeling like a child receiving a new toy when I claimed the package at our local post office.

I would like to thank Bookmarks for sending the package and Joel Hirsch for paying for postage. 

I’ve already read the Rebel’s Guides, The Mass Strike, and Engels’s Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, The ABC of Socialism and now reading The Case for Socialism by Paul Foot. 

I’ve learned a lot about the need to organise workers to combat capitalism. We cannot trust politicians, because they don’t have the same class interests as workers. 

Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing socialist materials so that I can study and learn more about class struggle. 

Always for the working class.

Junji GeronimoPhilippines

More profits for frackers in Kent

In the Tories’ dying days, the so-called ‘‘greenest government ever’’ is determined to remove any legal obstacles to fracking companies making a fat profit 

This will potentially cause massive environmental damage and increase the threat of catastrophic climate change. 

Fracking companies are eying up the old Kent coal bed, despite the fact that this would pose a serious risk of contaminating the water table.

The government hope that fracking will be the next energy boom, which will pull them out of the crisis.

Yet all the indications are that any such boom would be short lived, if it happened at all. We will not let them destroy our environment and our lives.

An anti-fracking campaign is already set up here in Kent and we intend to stop the frackers in their tracks.

Steve WilkinsKent

TTIP trade deal hits our rights

The Transnational Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a pro-business deal being conceived in total secrecy between the European Union and the US.

The main parties—and Ukip—are in favour of it. 

Nominally about free trade, its real aim is to level down regulations that protect us, but get in the way of bosses making profits.

It plans to remove hard won gains, from labour rights to financial, food, drug and environmental safety. The similar Multilateral Agreement on Investment was blocked by international campaigners in 1999.

We must now defeat TTIP, to stop our world from being destroyed for narrow shareholder interests.

Richard PayneEast London

Don’t blame one religion

While the media whips up an anti-Muslim scare over Birmingham schools, a truly shocking crime caused by the Catholic Church has been discovered in Ireland.

Thousands of infants who died in care homes for unmarried mothers are believed to be buried in mass, unmarked graves. Many died of starvation.

No doubt the establishment will try to stop further investigation. It may succeed as long as the media concentrate on demonising one religion. 

Anna OwensLondon

Well done for raids report

What a great scoop the Operation Centurion splash was (Socialist Worker, 31 May)

A well-researched and hugely important story like this shows just what can be achieved outside the mainstream media. 

As we face relentless media attacks on immigrants it’s good to see Socialist Worker going some way to redressing that balance.

Rachel BroadyNUJ, personal capacity, Manchester

Expose the Ukip crackpots

I call Ukip “Tories on crack”. Many pensioners are drawn to it believing its anti-immigrant polices will help them.

But its other “Tory” policies mean they are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Richard StephensBristol

Politicians tell the same lies

If other parties had stood up to Ukip it would have been shown to be relying on false fears over immigration.

Instead we had the unedifying spectacle of politicians colluding with its vicious lies. 

We need to celebrate our differences but also our inclusivity.

Ross SuttonReading

Eton churns out fanatics

If Theresa May and Michael Gove want to catch “extremists” poisoning the minds of school children they should visit Eton.

It has mass produced cohorts of swivel-eyed devotees to the bogus doctrine of neoliberalism.

But they don’t mean that sort of extremism or that sort of pupil do they?

Sasha SimicEast London

Queen's speech makes you feel sick

A page boy fainted during the queen’s regurgitation of David Cameron’s agenda at the opening of parliament.

It shows these policies are distaseful even to those unable to yet grasp them.

Shaun Crambieon Facebook


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Tue 10 Jun 2014, 20:37 BST
Issue No. 2407
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