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Israel’s barbaric assault on Gaza shows its true colours 

The current, particularly barbaric, assault on the already besieged Gaza Strip is an extension of the doctrine of war against Palestine. 

It is justified by the claim that the land belongs to the chosen people of Israel. 

Israel rationalises its actions by claiming it is at war with Palestine, while within its own borders it claims to be a democracy. 

Thus it uses various “directives” to impose the occupation on all the Palestinian territories without any sense of guilt. 

It is backed by US money in particular, but also by other states in Europe, including Britain.

Barack Obama is a grave disappointment because he, like the presidents before him, is subject to the pressure of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

The US sees Israel as policing its interests in the Middle East by influencing the leaderships of the Arab states in the region.

It supports Israel in this task by arming it with the latest weapons technology, which is being used against Gaza. 

This includes the use of the grotesque “sophisticated” white phosphorous and Dime bombs that doctors have reported seeing the effects of in Gaza. 

It is not a war or a conflict. It is a Goliath smashing a David.

Dave Clinch, Devon

There is a massive wave of revulsion emerging among ordinary people, particularly the young, about the indiscriminate and barbaric Israeli action. 

For me this is Israel’s Sharpeville moment. 

The killing of 69 black protesters by South African police in 1960 represented a turning point for the anti-apartheid movement. 

The full brutality and moral bankruptcy of the apartheid regime became apparent to millions. 

The opportunity to build, develop and expand the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israeli apartheid has never been greater. 

Bob Fotheringham, Glasgow

Hiroshima lessons 

Last week marked the 69th anniversary of the US dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

By the end of 1945 over 160,000 were killed and by 1990 more than 350,000 people were left suffering and dying from the effects of the lingering radiation. 

Tragically, looking at what Israel is currently doing to Gaza, it is clear that nearly 70 years later the lessons still have not been learnt. 

Just as the US justified the killing of those civilians in Japan, Israel continues to justify the murder of civilians for its own political gain.

Kathleen Hurford, North London

Ebola scare is racism 

Ebola is a serious disease, but the current media frenzy is dangerously racist in tone, stoking up unnecessary panic. 

An infected white aid worker flying home brings little comment, but when black athletes show potential symptoms we apparently face an imminent epidemic.  

An established health infrastructure can control the disease.

The problems seen in west Africa with the Ebola virus reflect the state of their facilities which are in danger of being overwhelmed. 

There’s nothing exotic about Ebola and west Africa, it’s just plain economics.

Claire Chandler, East London

Housing bubbles will wreck more than banks

Well done to Dave Sewell for his excellent article on London’s housing crisis (Socialist Worker, 26 July).

For millions, especially young people in London, spiralling housing costs make a nonsense of official inflation figures. 

Upwards of 50 percent of their wages are now taken in mortgage payments or rents—often for squalid and overcrowded privately rented accommodation. 

Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, says the “dangerous house price bubble” could spell disaster for the British economy. 

Carney is fine with people forced to live up 

to their necks in debt, but worried about the effects on banks of too many of them drowning at once.

Ben Morris, East London

Johnson is a class warrior not a buffoon

It is no surprise to Londoners that Boris Johnson has announced his intention to stand as MP despite his repeated assurances about his mayoral commitments.

Johnson lives local to me although he spends much time out of London either on overseas trips or at his country pad. 

He was a strong advocate of fire service cuts, which closed the local Clerkenwell fire station among others. 

And he was an enthusiastic supporter of Royal Mail privatisation which saw the sell-off of the local Mount Pleasant sorting office. 

Both sites are now set to become housing havens for the rich despite the desperate shortage of social housing. 

This is not a fluffy Tory buffoon but a privileged class warrior. He has served his rich and powerful friends well in his time as mayor. 

He is a cynical opportunist if ever there was one. His legacy is not a happy one. Good riddance! 

Julie Hunt, North London

Time to make case for Yes

The 18 September Scottish independence referendum that once seemed so far away is almost upon us.

What we do as socialists for a Yes vote in these next few weeks really does matter. 

We have the opportunity to promote alternatives to austerity, the removal of Trident and a break from the destructive foreign policy of the UK. 

The number of working class people undecided remains high. 

This means we have to increase our efforts to reach as many of them as possible in the next weeks.

Angela McCormick, Glasgow

A fantastic front page 

The front page of last week’s Socialist Worker was really popular in Birmingham. 

A number of people came to our stall to take pictures of themselves holding it with the Palestinian flag. 

They then sent it to their friends or tweeted it.  

Bridget Parsons, Birmingham

US policy created Isis

The US policy of using sectarian division to play the Iraqi opposition off against itself in the last 10 years created the conditions for Isis. 

Key US ally Saudi Arabia is funding Isis. 

It aims to spread Sunni sectarianism, divide the movements for change and undermine the Iranian government by overthrowing Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Richard Donnelly, Kingston 

Could Israel go it alone?

An otherwise excellent article by Anne Alexander (Socialist Worker, 9 August) still left me with some questions. 

Would Israel’s economy be capable of going it alone if US military funding were withdrawn? 

Is Israel’s economic prosperity entirely based on its military industry? 

John Curtis, Ipswich


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Issue No. 2416
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