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We’re standing up to Ukip in Doncaster and Thanet

Ukip—with its racist, sexist and pro-establishment policies—will be having its national conference in Doncaster on 27 September. Stand Up To Ukip has called a demonstration outside.

I am supporting it because we need to take a stand against this party and show that we are proud of our diversity. We do not want Ukip to take charge of our public services and spending. 

Ukip’s stances on maternity pay and women in the workplace treat women as inferior. 

It uses migrants as scapegoats for anything from unemployment to housing to the economic crisis. It perpetuates stereotypes as a tactic to gain popularity.  

Its proposed policies for the NHS, taxes and other public sector spending mean more cuts to services and will benefit only the rich. 

Ukip does not represent the British society I know and I certainly do not want it to represent me. 

Support Stand Up To Ukip if you are anti-racist, for equality between genders, and want policies that will improve everyday people’s standards of living. 

We want to live in a society where we embrace and accept differences. Join us as we unite and show Ukip that it does not represent us, on 27 September. 

Nazia SattarDoncaster

The evening following the announcement that Nigel Farage is to stand in Thanet South, a packed hall planned a mass campaign to take on Ukip. 

The Stand Up To Ukip meeting included Labour and Green prospective candidates, and activists against racism and fracking.

Much of the constituency is made up of the town of Ramsgate. It has high unemployment, poor housing and low public investment. 

Ukip’s support comes from anger at politicians and austerity. And many have fallen for its racist lies on immigration. 

We are preparing for a long, hard argument across the area.

Jon FlaigKent

What justice for the victims in Rotherham?

I agree with most of the very good article on the Rotherham abuse scandal that you reposted online (Socialist Worker, 6 October 2012).

However it bothers me that you never state a concrete position on how to deal with the vile animals who abuse children. 

I am a proud, active member of the Socialist Workers Party and I was a victim of child sexual abuse. 

We have seen in the past rapists and paedophiles in Britain and Ireland receiving ludicrously lenient sentences. 

I don’t subscribe to the vigilante mentality of hanging and flogging. But justice for the victims must always be paramount.

Joseph StynesDublin

I read the official report on the Rotherham abuse scandal. Frontline staff were not being “politically correct”, but there was concern at higher levels about how the matter would be reported. 

This was misguided, but unsurprising given the Ukip and English Defence League presence in the area. 

It is no surprise that no one thought the police were being “politically correct”. 

One victim’s mother said that their class was part of the reason the victims were not taken seriously. 

Class prejudice isn’t much mentioned in the mainstream media—but if anything I suspect it has become entrenched. 

Alex CoorayEast London

Pride in remembering the Great Miners’ Strike 

The release of the film Pride (Socialist Worker, 23 August) is an opportunity to hold a meeting on Lesbian and Gays Support the Miners. 

That’s what Cardiff Socialist Workers Party branch did last week and we had a fantastic debate.

I shared a platform with an ex-miner and Labour councillor. A local disabled peoples’ network also attended. 

Cineworld cinemas across Britain have free showings on 9 September at 6.30pm—and all the tickets have gone. 

That’s hundreds of people in one place to discuss our ideas with.

In Birmingham I asked the cinema for a stall inside with details of local unions and forthcoming events.

Get planning now and look out for the SWP’s model meeting leaflet.

Geoff DexterBirmingham

Take the Yes campaign to work in Scotland

In the countdown to the Scottish independence vote a group of us in the Unison and Unite unions are doing Yes stalls at lunch time at the entrance to our workplace.

I work at Waverley Court, headquarters of the council in Edinburgh. Budget cuts have seen 2,500 of us crammed into what is now one of the city’s largest workplaces.

The Yes campaign has been out on the street and in working class estates, but workplaces had not been targeted. Our stall has badges, leaflets and a range of pamphlets arguing the case for independence.

The response has been great, with people stopping to chat and argue the pros and cons of independence. 

The referendum debate has encouraged people to think about politics in a fresh way and what needs to change to make their lives better.

But I don’t expect to see a No stall outside my work any time soon. If all you are offering is the status quo and endless austerity it wouldn’t go down well with council workers facing £35 million cuts this year.

Duncan SmithEdinburgh

Feeling like a scrounger

I started work at the age of 13. I am now 59 years old. I lost my job four years ago through ill health.

Before that I had never been unemployed. I spent 42 years paying my dues, but I am now classed as a scrounger.

It’s unbelievable.

Diane ByrneSpeke

A reactionary rump left?

As an anti-racist activist born in the UK, I am concerned the forces of ethnic chauvinism are coalescing around the notion of English nationalism.

If an independent England were created by default though Scottish independence would it be isolationist and perhaps highly prone to rabid ethnic nationalism?

Marcus Carron Facebook

Will he go or will he stay?

Here’s a question which doesn’t seem to have been asked of Alistair Darling, which may greatly influence voting intentions.

If Scotland votes for independence, will you stand for the new Scottish parliament or seek to continue your Westminster career?

John Heinby email

BDS success in Wolves

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign won a victory when Wolverhampton City Art Gallery said it will not renew its waste management contract with Veolia. 

The local Palestine Solidarity Campaign contacted the council complaining about the company’s links with the Occupied Territories. 

Roxanne O’RourkeBirmingham

Stand up to Islamophobia

It’s really good to see Socialist Worker standing up to the continual torrent of Islamophobia and misinformation. It’s a real pity that more people don’t read it.

David MicallefBrighton

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Tue 2 Sep 2014, 17:23 BST
Issue No. 2419
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