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Cameron’s history lesson hides bloody class struggle

David Cameron’s visit to Scotland during the referendum campaign was a delight.

A heckler shouting, “Don’t panic Mr Cameron” was audible on the news.

The commentator who said, “It made a change from him coming to his estate in Scotland to shoot our wildlife” brought a wry smile to my face.

But Cameron’s rewriting of Britain’s history in trying to build the Better Together campaign was a joke.

According to Cameron, “When the world wanted representation, we gave them democracy”.

In reality any attempt by ordinary people to obtain limited democracy was met by Tory bayonets and violence.

This was the case in England, Scotland and the British Empire.

Cameron said that when slavery bound innocent people, “we” abolished it.

Yet this was only after 200 years of Tory support for slavery—and after Cameron’s own family had become exceedingly rich on the profits of the trade.

He declared that when fascism threatened freedom, “we” defeated it. But chunks of the Tory party were applauding Hitler and Mussolini, and were happy to do a deal with them.

Cameron also reminisced of how, “A hundred years ago, our boys went off to war together as comrades, united by purpose and hope for a better world”.

That war destroyed a whole generation of working class men in the defence of British capital.

It was led by ruling class generals who were happy to sacrifice millions to defend their wealth.

Cameron’s warped version of British history was a pathetic attempt to try and make people feel there’s something about Britain to be proud about.

In reality it’s a history of bloody class struggle waged by a ruthless ruling class.

Steve JohnstonLeeds

Ozone news shows we can protect the planet

The depletion of the ozone layer is starting to be reversed following an international ban on the use of ozone-depleting chemicals.

This news must be welcomed. It is estimated that it will prevent two million cases of skin cancer annually.

However, this is not a reason for complacency over the bigger question of climate change. Nor is it a reason to believe that in the future global warming will be “cured” in a similar way.

Some people look to  geo-engineering techology to deal with climate change. This distracts us from what needs to be done while there is still time to avoid climate catastrophe.

We need an international binding agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, like that on ozone-damaging gases, but we need it now.

And we need mass action from below to force governments to adopt it.

Ken MontagueCampaign Against Climate Change

Striking a blow to anti-Catholic bigotry

Unless you’re a boxing fan you may not have noticed that Carl Frampton from Belfast is the new IBF Super-bantamweight champion of the world.

Carl Frampton is a protestant from the working class, staunchly loyalist enclave of Tiger’s Bay in Belfast. 

But his wife (and mother of his baby daughter), Christine, is a Catholic from across the city. She is from the working class, staunchly nationalist, Poleglass Estate.

In the past gangs of loyalist bigots enforced these divisions between Catholics and Protestants. 

They drove Catholics from their homes, or their jobs in the shipyards. The loyalists also had a problem with what they called “rotten Protestants”. These were trade unionists or socialists who were not sufficiently anti-Catholic or, worse still, stood up for their Catholic brothers and sisters.

They were often members of of the Communist Party. Carl Frampton’s victory is a victory for us “rotten Protestants”. Well done, lad.

John ShemeldNottingham

Say no to Zionism in Cardiff

In recent weeks Cardiff has felt like an occupied city with massive wire fences, steel barriers and thousands of police, all part of the Nato security process.

Now supporters of Israel are also attempting to interfere in Cardiff politics.

The Israeli consul to Cardiff, Philip Kaye, is  trying to bring charges of unethical conduct against Ali Ahmed, a local Labour councillor.

Local Lib Dem leader Judith Woodman is supporting Kaye.

They cite Ali’s criticism of Israel and Zionism as an attack on Jews.

But it is not Jewish people who are responsible for the bombing of Gaza. It is the Israeli government and the Zionists who back it.

Ali is deputy lord mayor of Cardiff, the first Muslim to hold the post.

The real reason for attacking Ali Ahmed is that he has been prominent in supporting the Palestine cause. 

Far from being a racist Ali Ahmed is chair of Unite Against Fascism Wales.

The Gaza bombings and the Nato event have mobilised thousands of  people in South Wales in support of Palestine.   

We will not be intimidated by this Zionist-led interference.

We will defend anyone’s right to speak out in favour of a Free Palestine and  work all the more strongly for that cause.

Jeff HurfordCardiff

Clothes aren’t the only issue

Rupert Murdoch’s tweet about page 3 is hardly a step forward.

He said it might be nicer to gawp at “beautiful young women” if they had clothes on.

How about treating women as equals, not just bodies?

Keira McLoughlinAberdeen

A passport to profiteering?

The government plans to confiscate the passports of British nationals who go to Syria or Iraq to fight for Islamic State.

Do the plans also apply to the British mercenaries who have fought across the world for private “security” firms?

Sasha SimicEast London

Politicians patronise us

During the Scottish referendum, one senior strategist for the No campaign dismissed polling carried out by Radical Independence activists

He said, “People with mattresses in their gardens don’t win elections.” 

This disgusting dismissal of working class people shows what they think of us.

Angela McCormickGlasgow

Ten percent is not enough!

So a ten percent pay rise isn’t enough for MPs it seems.

They have also claimed even more expenses than they were at the height of the scandal.

How can they tell us to “tighten our belts”?

Melissa MartinBirmingham

Paisley was not for peace

What a disgrace that the media fell over itself to describe Ian Paisley as a “peacemaker”.

Paisley wasn’t interested in “peace”. 

He was a vicious bigot who wanted to keep Catholics down.

His methods might have changed, but his views did not.

Jane BurdetteBristol

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Tue 16 Sep 2014, 18:01 BST
Issue No. 2421
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