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Scottish independence: We must be organised to win workers' demands

Issue No. 2421

David Cameron has said that a Yes vote in Scotland’s referendum would break his heart. That would seem reason enough to campaign for a Yes vote. 

He has even had to acknowledge that many people want to give the “effing Tories” a kicking, but claims that’s not a reason to vote Yes. 

Socialist Worker supports the campaign for independence.

This is not simply because we want to stick the boot in to the Tories and see Cameron brokenhearted. 

We have fought for the Yes vote because we want to see the British state weakened.

Breaking the union means undermining the unity and strength of its brutal ruling class. 

Cameron has been getting all emotional because he knows this. 

He is right when he said this is bigger than just a general election. 

It had raised the question of imperialism and the ruling class’s right to rule. 

The campaign over the future for Scotland has exposed much about the priorities of the system and the politicians who make it work.

Their side stands for imperialist wars, fat profits for the rich and whipping up racism and bigotry.

That’s why it isn’t only the Tories who have been fighting for a No vote.  All the main political parties have united in their support for the union.

So whatever the result of the referendum, politics won’t be the same in Scotland. 

The last few months have shown that when ordinary people feel they can make a difference, they get stuck in. 

There has been an astonishing blossoming of political activity right across the working class.

It has involved many people who have previously been so disillusioned with official politics they hadn’t ever felt motivated to vote.

There is a lesson here for everyone.

We need to fight for mass self-activity from below of the millions of people who want to see the end of the Tories’ hated austerity.

This austerity has condemned so many to poverty while the privileged lives of the rich carry on protected in a gilded cage.

If we want to fundamentally challenge this status quo we have to mobilise our collective power on the ground as a class. 

We can’t put our faith in states or in governments to deliver. In the end they will work within the confines of the system.

If we want to impose our own priorities—defend the NHS and the welfare state, oppose racism and defend migrants, fight privatisation and job cuts—then we have to be organised. 

And we need socialist organisation at the heart of every struggle, wherever it is.

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