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Issue No. 2422

War talk is fuelling Islamophobia

A lot of Muslims have said they’re worried about racism getting worse because of the crisis in Iraq and Syria.

I think it’s definitely led to an increase in Islamophobia. But it does still shock me in this day 

and age that racists can be so open.

I think it’s important to say this isn’t about all individuals, just a few idiots.

It’s a culture that encourages racism.

Politicians say they care about communities. I don’t think they’re doing enough to help community cohesion.

The media and the government don’t help. All Muslims are being seen as a problem.

It isn’t just because of the crisis in the Middle East.

I’ve definitely seen a change since the Trojan Horse panic over schools.

People have been asking which school do your children go to? Is it true what’s been in the media?

It’s affected children doing their exams and their results.

People seem to forget that Muslim children are British citizens.

If all this is left unchecked, there will be increasing attacks on Muslims.

Shabina BanoBirmingham

A draconian attack on Travellers

Coventry council is coming up with new ways to clamp down on Travellers. They want to seize caravans to pay for evictions, and possibly take out injunctions making it illegal to set up camp in the first place.

The Traveller Movement has condemned this as “draconian” and an “abuse of power”.

It’s more the sort of policy you’d expect from Ukip than from a Labour council.

It comes as the government prepares to give councils more powers to evict Travellers.

This is presented as a way of protecting the countryside, but it is another attack on one of Britain’s most marginalised and oppressed minorities.

Mark CollinsCoventry

Heartless hipsters in Hackney

Over the past year, the so-called trendy hipsters in Hackney, east London, have exposed what a loathsome and uncaring bunch they are.

First the newly opened hipster bar, the Bonneville, tweeted that a young working class black man, “spoilt” their opening night after he’d wandered in seeking refuge after he’d being stabbed. 

Other hipsters have also opened a restaurant in a former Citizens Advice Bureau that had been forced to close down due to funding cuts. It’s called the Advisory—but you’d be advised not to go there if you want a cheap night out.

Now in a grotesque display of bad taste a group of these twits plan to set up a pop-up restaurant called “Death Row dinners”. The venue’s “concept” will be to get the diner to imagine what they’d order for their last meal.

Gentrification is a symptom and not the cause of inequality. Yet still, the hipster brigade have become a a despised symbol of Tory Britain, particularly for Hackney’s remaining working class residents.

Dean RyanEast London

Our hospitals are being robbed by greedy firms

They say the NHS is in deficit. But why?

At the hospital in Essex where my aunt works, physiotherapy services among many others are being put out to tender. Bidders include Care UK. 

The only way that they will be able to provide the services cheaper is by paying workers less and taking money away from training. 

They will potentially have to lie about what they will provide and will have to force the NHS supplier to pay extra once they have won the tender.

It’s a disgrace—private companies skim off money that the NHS needs to provide services and to pay its staff. We must fight the outsourcing of NHS services as well as cuts.

Don’t let the NHS be taken away from us, it belongs to all of us. 

Jordan RiveraEast London

Don’t forget how Brown let us down

New Labour architect Gordon Brown was the toast of the establishment last week for his speech against Scottish independence. But nobody should be fooled by him.

Let’s not forget that he wrote the cheque for the invasion of Iraq led by the monsters Blair and Bush.

The savage cuts to jobs, services and pay in the public sector, benefit sanctions and NHS privatisation were all Brown’s policies before David Cameron’s.

Now he is on the same side as Ukip and the Orange order. 

Labour voters in Scotland and in England and Wales will not forget Brown’s betrayals.

Liz KitchingLeeds

Troops can’t shoot a virus

Barack Obama has sent 3,000 US troops to Liberia to fight the Ebola virus. They can’t shoot it, so what are they doing? 

They are setting up isolation camps without the needed care.

The people of Liberia need food, clean water and medicines, not US troops. But there is oil in the ground there and the US needs to control it.

When did the US ever care about people suffering starvation or disease? Never.

Andy ColesManchester

It’s right for us to strike

To those who voted to strike over pay in the NHS (Socialist Worker online), well done guys.

I voted for action too. I’ve been in NHS since 1999 and in the last four years have I’ve seen it picked apart by this government. Staff morale is so low, working harder and longer with less staff and resources.

Sarah Hayon Facebook

More powers for Scotland?

I think that even with a No vote in Scotland, there is real appetite for change.

If there aren’t increased powers people will mobilise in numbers similar to the weekend before the vote.

People have had enough of the lies and the pigs with their snouts in the trough, taking so much and giving back so little.

Rory Kerron Facebook

It will be a sad day for those who voted No when the powers that were promised as a desperate ploy never happen.

Dani Elle Hamiltonon Facebook

Blame it on billionaires

The corporate media won this referendum. 

The billionaires and their politician cronies, and the royals. Damn it!

We live in a world hijacked by greed sucking every ounce of energy out of the planet. Profit before people.

Lili-Ann Bergon Twitter

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Tue 23 Sep 2014, 17:28 BST
Issue No. 2422
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