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National debt is going up thanks to George Osborne

National debt is going up thanks to George Osborne (Pic: Mholland on Wikimedia Commons)

Bosses set to make a killing out of Osborne's new firesale

Tory chancellor George Osborne’s sale of the century continues—and everything must go. 

Not content with underselling Royal Mail he now wants rid of the 40 percent stake we have in Channel Tunnel rail company Eurostar.

The firm employs 1,600 people and made an operating profit of £54 million last year.

So why is Osborne keen to sell? He claims he wants to raise £300 million to help “pay off the national debt”.

For all the austerity Osborne’s national debt has risen to £1.4 trillion since May 2010—a 40 percent increase.

If the national debt mattered, which as it happens it doesn’t, £300 million wouldn’t even pay two days’ interest on it.

Eurostar was supposed to be fully funded by the private sector. But it was bailed out when it ran out of cash.

Osborne wants to fast-track the selloff before the next election—so Eurostar will be flogged off cheap.

Conveniently Osborne is allowing banking firm UBS to run the selloff to their mates in the city. 

The same firm sold Royal Mail for £1 billion less than it was worth.

Welfare minister Lord Freud has openly admitted that his previous job involved “writing research on companies at the same time as taking money from them for advice” .

He worked on over 50 deals and raised more than £50 billion across 19 countries.

Police lie because we don’t like them 

Poor police officers. All this time we blamed them for covering up their misdemeanors. But it turns out it’s our fault.

A new report from the London Policing Ethics Panel was due out this week. 

Apparently it has found that police clam up and band together because they feel “the public judge them by unrealistic standards”.

“The police tend to band together into a self-justifying brotherhood and even to develop an ‘us versus them’ attitude,” the report found.

It suggested that people go on “ride alongs” with cops to find out just how hard their job is.

The Daily Mail had to correct a racist article last week.

It had claimed that 60 percent of those newly diagnosed with HIV in Britain were from Africa. It then “clarified” that “the 60 percent figure includes those from Africa and the rest of the world”.

The original claims were part of an article about the cost of immigrants with HIV to the NHS.

Ukip’s still singing after bear faced lie

Nigel Farage’s party has released an official song, Ukip Calypso, ahead of next year’s general election.

With lyrics such as, “Oh yes! When we take charge and the new prime minister is Farage,” there is little to stop the ears bleeding. 

Former Radio 1 DJ and Ukip fan Mike Read sings Ukip Calypso in a fake Jamaican accent—which is of course in no way racist. 

He squawks, “Open the borders, let them all come in. Illegal immigrants in every town. Stand up and be counted Blair and Brown.”

Meanwhile Ukip’s deputy leader has been forced to repeatedly deny he starred as a walking teddy bear in a 1970s children’s TV show after an internet prank.

Paul Nuttall MEP had his Wikipedia page edited to read, “Nuttall was the original Bungle in children’s television show Rainbow.”

The real Bungle was unavailable for comment.

More suffering for patients - Lansley on a loop

It’s easy for NHS patients to know who to blame for cuts to the service.

They need only look to their bedside TV screens.

One patient reported that Andrew Lansley’s face is still running on a loop on the in-room entertainment system, telling patients that their care “really matters to me”. Lansley was sacked as health secretary two years ago. 

Warmonger Tony Blair has said he wants education systems to teach respect for other religions. 

Ironically it was another attempt to demonise Muslims.

Blair said the education was needed as part of the war on Islamic State as it could combat “the intolerant ideas that feed into extremist violence”.


Sir Jeremy Heywood

Cabinet secretary and head of civil service.

  • Heywood criticised the 250,000 civil service workers in the PCS who struck over pay last week
  • He said people rely on the services they provide
  • Heywood gets £200,000 a year. Many PCS members claim benefits to make ends meet

How to make an impression, Clegg style

swimmer Rebecca Adlington has described her joy on meeting the deputy prime minister. 

“I was at an event when this guy came over and said, ‘Ah, congratulations.’ 

“I said, ‘Ok, thanks, see you later, have a good night.’ My friend said, ‘What are you doing? That was Nick Clegg!’ And I just said, ‘Who’s Nick Clegg?’”

Prince Charles has found something else to kill after fox hunting was banned.

The Duchy of Cornwall estate is having a cull of grey squirrels.

Charles wants to “drive out greys” apparently.


  • Charlie Brooks lost his bid to recover £600,000 in legal fees, incurred when he was a co-defendant in the phone hacking trial
  • Barbie sales of the patronising doll fell by 21 percent in the last quarter. Apparently children prefer “edgier” alternatives
  • The Labour Party has been overtaken by the Tories in Scotland, according to one opinion poll


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Issue No. 2426
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