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As desperate politicians scapegoat migrants we say - resist racism

by Ken Olende
Issue No. 2427

The mainstream parties are whipping up racism. We say migrants are welcome here.

The mainstream parties are whipping up racism. We say migrants are welcome here.

Tory defence minister Michael Fallon wants to whip up fears with his talk about parts of Britain being “swamped” by eastern European migrants.

If you’re worried about your job or cuts to services, the Tories want you to blame immigrants rather than their austerity.

“I feel sick when I hear what politicians say about us,” Latvian migrant Agnese Kapeika told Socialist Worker. 

She has been working in Britain for four years. “They wanted us to come and help the economy. We work hard, but then they want to chuck us out. Seriously?”

The Tories have created the poisonous atmosphere which has allowed the racist Ukip party to grow. And now they make ever more extreme statements to try and head off Ukip’s rise.

Former Labour minister David Blunkett joined in when he declared in Tuesday’s Daily Mail newspaper that he agreed with Fallon. 

But migrants are not to blame for people’s economic woes. The government and their fat cat mates are responsible for austerity and cuts.

“Don’t be scared of us,” Agnese concluded. “Don’t get your ideas from the TV and papers. 

“When you get to know us you’ll find we want the same things and can work together.”


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